Eating Schoolgirls: Osaka Telephone Club

Eating Schoolgirls: Osaka Telephone Club

Directed by Naoyuki Tomomatsu,"Eat the Schoolgirl" concerns two young adults who made a dirty work for a yakuza gang by making sadistic rape/snuff films...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:60 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   murder,   robbery,  

Directed by Naoyuki Tomomatsu,"Eat the Schoolgirl" concerns two young adults who made a dirty work for a yakuza gang by making sadistic rape/snuff films... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chad S (mx) wrote: OK and a few funny gags.

Ellie L (de) wrote: not as good as the first but still good

Jeff L (jp) wrote: As a Catholic, I can relate to the lead character's desire to keep everything pure. As a movie fan, I can't sanction its dullness and vapidity. The flick is more suited for a HBO drama, but I'm not sure if even HBO would want to touch this flick. Turner, who burnt bodies in 'Body Heat', now looks frumpy and uninviting. I'm surprised her movie husband hadn't thought of leaving her much earlier. She's a mum with a pregnant lesbian daughter and a married son having an affair with an older woman. What bad movie luck. Who thinks of such things? Of course, the movie is predictable in that viewers can guess that she will drop her rigidness for her family to be together.

Chris J (kr) wrote: Awful, dreadful, shit, boring - that sums it up nicely.

Michelle C (us) wrote: ??I was a zombie with an identity crisis.?? Otto is zombie sexploitation with a running existentialist philosophical commentary. It's the most human zombie film I??ve seen and perhaps the final word on originality in the genre, with the mainstream currently so saturated with the living dead.

Kyle H (kr) wrote: I expected this to be the most worse thing I will ever see.I was wrong I enjoyed this and the first two "Garfields" should of been like this.They would of been much more.A good kids movie.

Juan B (mx) wrote: had so much In common with the couples that made it even more hilarious I could so relate to them

Sylvester K (ag) wrote: Controversial yet extremely funny, that's why I like Sarah Silverman, the only funny Jewish comedian. Breaking the boundary and filled with taboo topics. Well crafted mockumentary.

Liam C (nl) wrote: Cowboy Bebop: The Movie is the way that all movie adaptions of a series should be. It's so faithful to the original series that it feels like an elongated episode but not to the point where it feels stretched out and adds enough to it to make the leap to film necessary and that's an amazing job and one of the best things it accomplishes. Another great thing about it is that you can watch this without having watched the show, although, unless you didn't know there was a show, even though it has 'The Movie' in the title, I don't know why would want to. It starts off just like any other episode, it has a cool introduction and then smoothly transitions into the main plot. The story of the movie is very good, it fits the feel of the series and has quite a lot of interesting character development and shocking moments. I liked the villain, he was just cool, something I don't usually pay attention to, I don't normally just like a villain just because they're cool. I need to know about them in order to like them and in typical fashion we do learn about him and he does have a very interesting backstory which is actually quite tragic and it just makes him more cool and interesting. The Bebop crew are still the same as ever with the same excellent voice cast and it's great to see more of them. And hey the three old guys even get a cameo!The animation is excellent and the action scenes are fluid and look beautiful. The soundtrack is also fantastic, which is just like anime, the bebop is still as amazing as ever, although, there were perhaps one too many vocal songs for my liking but they fit the scenes they were in so I guess it makes sense. The only complaint I really have is that I think the movie finished a little too quickly, the big fight scene was still going and there was only about 4 minutes left, I thought the ending was going to be cut off. However, it did wrap up well and it wasn't a bad ending, I'd just have liked it to slow down a bit. So, I'd have like the movie to go on longer, not really a complaint and having 2 hours more Bebop is already brilliant so I guess I shouldn't complain. The only thing I think non-fans will question if they do decide to watch this, for some reason, is that Ed doesn't really do anything and they might question her point. True that she didn't do a whole lot in the anime either, besides getting details for the crew but at least we know where she came from and a little bit about her past. Which is a problem I have with the show, after she was introduced and needed in episode 9, it seemed like the creators forgot she was even in the show, even I did when I first watched it, she showed up again after being absent and I went, 'oh yeah! She's here!', I still love her though, I think she's a brilliant character. It is more than worthy to be connected with the main series and I'm very happy that this was made and was successful as it was. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie is the perfect companion piece to a brilliant show and it's just a cool movie, I will be watching this many more times in the future. See You Space Cowboy.

Andrew K (ag) wrote: I hate that animation is automatically thought to be for kids,' when that's not always the case. Animation is meant to show something that cannot be shown on film, or would not be best portrayed on film. Felidae is a deep, philosophical, dark and brutal murder story with complex characters and backgrounds. Not by any means should anyone ever describe this as a cartoon. A cartoon is meant to be silly and funny, this is not. This movie isn't a childish animation, it's grimly realistic, stilted, creepily laid out, and has a great deal of uncanny valley that neither live action nor CGI' could ever get.Enough of that, let's get to the good stuff.Felidae is a daring German animated movie yet the vast majority of the English-speaking world has not heard of this. What gives? Of course, since the story is about murder, this film is not your typical family movie... at all. In fact, the violence is probably graphic enough to turn most people away, but it's worth it.The movie begins with Francis, who is gifted with a cleverness beyond that of the typical house cat, moving into a new neighborhood where a feline serial killer appears to be on the loose. While his new friend, a battle-scarred and foul-mouthed tom by the name of Bluebeard, shares the belief of the other cats in the neighborhood that the bloody murders are the work of a human, Francis thinks that the evidence points to another cat, and sets out to sniff out the culprit. His search brings him in contact with a suicidal cat cult who worship a perhaps mythical super-feline martyred at the hands of a sadistic human scientist (and who express their worship through a ritual of mass self-electrocution); and later leads him to discover that the very house he and his owner have moved into may have been the site of the fabled atrocities - which in reality go way beyond what anyone could previously have imagined.Francis is guided in his search by a series of vivid dreams which make up some of Felidae's most memorable and horrifying moments. I DARE anyone who has seen this film to forget the mentally scarring spectacle of a gigantic Gregor Mendel rising up from a huge feline killing field to wield hundreds of mangled cat corpses as puppets. Another disturbing image occurs when Francis and Bluebeard stumble upon an underground catacomb filled with decomposing and skeletal kitty remains, at which point they realize that, contrary to what they thought, the killer they've been tracking is responsible for the murder of, not just several, but hundreds of their brothers and sisters.What will surprise the average viewer is how well the character designs of the cats, and the vividly colored backgrounds, link the violent content. The animation itself is very fluid and during the dream sequences: Holy Crown! What I love about the movie is that the content isn't violence all over the place, but instead, these elements are handled in service to the plot. It is maturely restrained, rather than feeling like it throws these things around merely to show how "dark" it is. This attempt to color violence with art is executed quite well. Oh and you know what is really neat? No tired Disney clichs.Overall, an excellent movie. The pacing is fantastic, the characters fun, and the plot engaging, twisty and compelling. The mature elements are handled smoothly and fit naturally within the plot, and the film does a great job of believably transferring a murder mystery into the realm of animated cats. While I do understand why the movie didn't get a theatrical release(I think the reason is pretty obvious) in America, it is a movie that deserves more attention.Given the high level of artistry of this movie, I'm so glad that Felidae was made in 1994 - rather than today, when it would undoubtedly have been done with CGI. I'm sick of CGI and the medium's post-modern appeal. I'm sick of the way every big film coming out of Hollywood these days rely so much on CGI. Take away the effects and large chunks of the film literally ceases to exist. At cinemas everywhere big event films are constantly trying to one-up each other, and several thousand effect shots are not uncommon in a new movie. Sure, it might be okay for films that are just a series of gags, but as a narrative? Especially one that requires the attention to detail that Felidae does - it's just a distraction. Drawn 2D animation is definitely the right style for creating the kind of reality that's needed to invest in a vision as Felidae. Not only that, but this film should stand as a testament of traditional animation in the face of the cookie-cutter CGI features that hog our theater screens each holiday season.

Jennifer A (br) wrote: [b]Miller's Crossing. [/b]Admittedly not one of my favorite Coen Brothers films. Good, yes, but somehow it doesn't have the same quirkiness or feel most of their movies have. Also since this is a gangster film, it doesn't quite match up to the elite in that genre. Beatifully shot, and yes a good film, just not one I come back to. [b]Texasville.[/b] Disappointing follow-up to [b]The Last Picture Show.[/b]

bill s (br) wrote: You'll really have to go down the rabbit hole to pull this one up.

Bruno D (mx) wrote: The Search for Spock is the third film in the Stark Trek original movie series. This movie picks up right where the second left off. Our heroes are now trying to get into contact with their lost comrade Spock but have to over come plenty of obstacles such as the federation as well as Klingons who are also after the same thing they are. One sorta issue I could find with this movie is the main villain. While Christopher Lloyd is a great comedic actor Im not sure he was right for a Klingon. He's essentially the opposite of what a Klingon is. He has a high pitched voice and is short and doesn't have a physic. This movies isn't as good as the second but its definitely a pretty good movie. The movie has great performances from the iconic cast and some pretty entertaining action. It just has a couple of short comings Overall 3.5/5

Nelson S (it) wrote: supongo que el autor queria resaltar la delgada linea entre lo que se considera humano y lo que se considera animal

Larry Y (kr) wrote: A great unglamorous look at pro wrestling. Up there with BLOOD AND GUTS.

Art S (au) wrote: Christopher Plummer is Holmes and James Mason (looking old) is Watson in this reasonably lavish but sometimes ponderous outing for the famous duo. The story is an old chestnut: the still unsolved Jack the Ripper murders. To solve them, Holmes pieces together an elaborate conspiracy (although not all of the clues seem to be available to viewers). With 30 minutes edited out, a less bland Holmes and a less embarrassing Watson -- O'Toole and Olivier were apparently first choices - this could have been more gripping. As it stands, it isn't a complete waste of your time, it just doesn't rise to the occasion.

Dave R (jp) wrote: when nasa discovers that there's a technical problem that would be fatal to the astronauts heading to mars they decide to cover it up with an elaborate conspiracy rather than risk losing its funding. it all goes well until a problem arises that can't be covered up and then the astronauts become a liability... it's a film clearly influenced by the events of the 70s - in particular the watergate scandal. it's an interesting look at how a nebulous government can become a threat to the people it serves.

Alec B (kr) wrote: If the movie had disregarded it's half-baked mythology in favor of focusing on Beckinsale's potentially interesting character this might have been a fun genre piece.

Luciano G (it) wrote: The actors are trying their best and there is a sense of urgency and it does have more than a little bit of tension in it... so there is something to the movie other than the general idea, that might hold you to watching it.... it's not much, but maybe enough for your viewing pleasure...

Nasu N (nl) wrote: This is a masterpiece of cinema, I most definitely enjoyed the human aspect that we start to see in these apes are they develop their character. This film articulates a vivid representation of how civilization and society operates in the world and to top it off, the directing is beautiful and the action is well done.