One Day Aliens Landed on Punjab the land of Fun , Masti and Innocence .the villagers are very superstitious They Make Them GOD.

One Day Aliens Landed on Punjab the land of Fun , Masti and Innocence .the villagers are very superstitious They Make Them GOD. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ebn-e-Batuta torrent reviews

Bloodmarsh K (it) wrote: It follows just about every rule in the book - they just didn't succeed at finding likable actors or writing likable characters.

Joetaeb D (jp) wrote: If Disney really looked at how much money they made with Cars 1 and 2 made and thought, "We so need to make a series of talking vehicles in this world." Then Planes is far worse than it actually is. It's created for one purpose, and that is to sell spin off toys of cars. Which shows through it's throw-away plot line, flat stereotypes and corny humor. But really, you could do worse. It is well animated for it's kind so that's a plus.

Ali A (jp) wrote: the whole idea of the film is very interesting, but actings are not that good. the ending is also sort of cheesy. we didn't have to see the happy couple sit next to water and chit chat and laugh! just his hand over her shoulder when they were walking was enough!

Darren C (es) wrote: A religious comedy that would of been a lot worse without the comedic style of omid djalili. there was a few funny moments/situations of which I could count on 1 hand.

Sean C (ca) wrote: It's a shame that the movie already feels dated after roughly two years because of the developments between Disney and "Star Wars", but the documentary does do an admirable job of fairy and respectfully outlining the tension, taking jabs at Lucas as well as fanboys.

Russ B (mx) wrote: 2/25/2017: Title is very appropriate. It is a pretty ridiculous film, but entertaining. A bunch of dumb/funny quips throughout.

John S (es) wrote: Unforgettable; colorful and inventive. Robots might be some kind of choppy, but thanks to its talented cast, Robots isn't bad as animated filfths.

Gabriel K (au) wrote: An OK odd-couple comedy, not a bad movie per se, but not crazy funny or original. Perhaps something was "lost in translation", and I didn't get the social commentary if that's what I thought it was.

Nellie K A (it) wrote: great movie. I re-saw it last year on VHS.. Very inspiring

S S (ag) wrote: hahahahaha wht u say bou dat...

Jeremy S (gb) wrote: I only bought it for the Broken Lizard factor

Augusto C (ag) wrote: I have to see this one too!!

Brendan N (jp) wrote: As Star Trek films go, this is underwhelming and poorly written. When they make subpar Star Trek films they definitely go all out. The film is a mess of half baked ideas and a passing of the torch feel. I just found this one of the few mediocre films in the franchise.

Tom D (ca) wrote: at vista high, there's a thn line between being cool and getting caught.

Amber A (br) wrote: A historical piece about the Chicago fire of 1871 and 'the O'Leary tribe'. Pretty good movie that is also educational.