Ecco lingua d'argento

Ecco lingua d'argento


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:italy,   female nudity,   sex,  

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Ecco lingua d'argento torrent reviews

Mark M (us) wrote: dead end road is more like it

Love M (mx) wrote: Supposedly inspired by true events, however, the main character (Amelia) is whiney and pretentious. Unrelatable lead, boring script and a typical ending. Graphic in parts but nothing thats not been done before!

Brian B (au) wrote: This is a great imaginative sci-fi classic that has an interesting twist on racism. The plot revolves around a group of aliens being isolated in South Africa. While trying to maintain them, one of the workers get infected and he starts to mutate into one of the aliens. He soon becomes the most wanted man on the planet and he's forced to retreat into the area where the aliens are being held. I enjoyed the movie more and more as it went on. It has great acting from Wilkus Van De Merwe. The cinematography was excellent and it was expertly shot. It has a nice barren and rundown environment. The action sequences are highly interesting since we get to see fictional weapons being used. They make them more entertaining. They are played well and last long but not too long where they start to drag on. This movie definitely taken inspiration from 80's sci-fi movies. It has just the right elements which make a classic sci-fi movie. It is an interesting depiction of aliens and the future and its originality shines through. This is one of the best sci-fi movies of the 2000's.

Anna B (au) wrote: Dang...I need to see more Hou Hsiao Hsien movies. I could have lived inside this.

Katy W (es) wrote: Super funny. The kind of suspense where you just cringe waiting to see what will happen next. Great movie.

Melanie S (es) wrote: First of all I love Patrick Steward and then this movie is both funny and sad. and sooo queer!

Paul B (ag) wrote: Spanking the Monkey redefines the term "Oedipus Complex", while being one of the nastiest, yet one of the most bitingly funny films of the 90s.

Matthew W (au) wrote: Extrodinairy. Not as good as 'etre et avoir' but then thats impossible.

Reuben P (br) wrote: Great soundtrack but lacks big laughs.

Hanne H (es) wrote: that is such a funny movie!! love it!

Chris W (fr) wrote: Given the drug-based cop drama/urban crime plot, the interracial partnership of the main cops, and the soundtrack being made up of contemporary urban (black) music, you could be forgiven for confusing this film with being a blaxploitation film. I mean, it IS directed by Mario Van Peebles, and there are some references to films from that genre, but surprisingly, it is not. Mostly because it's played straight, with only some humor, and no camp factor. It is definitely a b-movie, but a competently made high end one.Okay, so the main plot is pretty standard, with two mismatched cops having to team up to take down a powerful drug lord who has taken the streets prisoner with his ultra strong crack. It's still an enjoyable ride though, and it's quite stylish, with some actually pretty decent performances.Okay, so Judd Nelson is underused, but he's good when he's there. Wesley Snipes is fine, but I feel like he's just doing a VERY low-key and subtle take on Tony Montana. The stand outs are Ice-T who, still very much known for his anti-cop songs is great as a tough streetwise cop, and really gets his acting career off to a great start, though after this it wouldn't pick up again until he portrayed another cop on Law and Order: SVU. The other top prize goes to the outstanding Chris Rock, who gives an utterly memorable and gripping turn as an ill-fated ex-junkie turned informer. This is overall a really decent flick. It's ultimately nothing new, but very well played, and far better (both as a directorial debut and in general) than it could have been, so give it a shot.