Echo Dr.

Echo Dr.

When their home security system malfunctions, a family struggles to survive an attack against a state of the art patrol guard that believes they are intruders.

When their home security system malfunctions, a family struggles to survive an attack against a state of the art patrol guard that believes they are intruders. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David J (ag) wrote: The special effects are quite dated and some of the deadpan humor falls flat, but of all the films I've seen with a cult classic status, "Ghostbusters" is by far the funniest and most memorable and I'm sure it will remain a favorite amongst Earth's inhabitants for years to come. That being said, the "Ghostbusters" theme song really irritates me.

Bilal Z (kr) wrote: The hard hitting social drama is a must watch just not something you'd want to watch again.

Ben K (br) wrote: The Twilight saga finally concludes with Breaking Dawn: Part 2, ending the YA (young adult) series in a mess of confusion and lack of emotional impact. Our main characters grimly prepare for possible war with their vampire government, the Volturi, who object to Bella and Edward's vampire child being born from her when she was human. The love triangle that's lasted almost the entire series is over by now, which as annoying as it was, still made for some drama in the previous films. The werewolf Jacob's continued involvement with Bella and Edward's lives is explained by him unintentionally "imprinting" on their newborn baby daughter, essentially forming an unbreakable werewolf bond with Bella's infant, and therefore is not able to leave her side. Just when these movies couldn't seem to get any more bizarre, a werewolf has fallen in love with a vampire baby.Misguided plot points aside, this movie feels the least exciting or tense of any in the series. The fight for Bella's love by the two boys is over, so the tension and suspense in this final installment relies on a vague threat by their vampire government, which *Spoilers* doesn't actually result in anything happening anyway. While Breaking Dawn: Part 1 was a joyless, painful-to-watch mess, at least some things were happening. BD: Part 2 must rely on the only scene of action in the whole film, which later turns out to be fake, to give the illusion that a climax has happened. When this final action scene is revealed to be just a projected vision by a character who can see the future, the entire theater cried out in anger and disappointment. Including it was the right choice however, as it would have actually been the most dull and boring film ever made. This was the franchise's last con on their audience, once again reminding us that these movies have no purpose, meaning, or emotional depth to them. They have shamelessly pandered, and eventually insulted, the masses of young fans who got caught up in this romance a long time ago. Any excitement or emotion from before has been long gone by this point.The whole concept of making two parts of the Breaking Dawn book was set up for failure, as anyone who read the novel would know that the plot essentially ends after the point where the first BD film ends. Anticipating the Volturi was all that was left, leaving this film to plod along in pointless scenes of people who look like Abercrombie & Fitch models talking in rooms of their nice house, eventually reminding us at the film's end that these movies are supposed to consist of supernatural romance adventures. The audience erupts in forced applause after the manipulative ending, literally showing a slideshow of Edward and Bella's life from previous films, in order to remind the audience that this is supposed a love story. BD: Part 2 has little romance and only one action scene, which again didn't actually occur, and otherwise bored to tears. The audience is supposed to buy into the con that there is something worthwhile here, it's just not convincing enough to even accomplish the illusion of a real story. The only way this movie could possibly be recommended to anyone who is of sound mind would be for an it's-so-bad-it's-good-so-lets-laugh-at-it kind of viewing. The characters are bland and have nothing to do. The dialogue is painful to listen to, and the decently executed fight scene at the end was squandered by it not being real, making this the shallowest and most pathetic major release in a long time.1/5(review originally posted on release, but has since been edited and improved by author on April 11, 2017)

Lady D (de) wrote: A very predictable Horror, corny and very unoriginal.

Atheist A (us) wrote: Excellent movie. Talks about the social problems in India.

Nicki M (ru) wrote: I absolutely loved this! I had been wanting to see it for ages, and it did not disappoint me at all. A very original movie, reminded me very slightly of Donnie Darko, but better, I think (and i really liked Donnie Darko, so that's saying a lot!). Michael Pitt is fantastic in this, I cannot imagine anyone else pulling off this role. I can see myself watching this one many times over! Highly recommended!

Simon D (jp) wrote: Not quite up to the standard I have become used to from Almodovar. This is, for once, not about women, but homosexuals. A revenge film that doesn't quite give you the satisfaction that it should.

Gemma M (ru) wrote: The most emotionally powerful of the trilogy, Return of the King sees our adventures with Frodo and the fellowship come to a dramatic yet thrilling end. While the ending is somewhat a predictable one considering knowledge from the books, the film manages to retain attention with beautiful acting, emotive scripting and breathtaking effects. One of the few trilogies which progressively improved with each instalment.

Jack T (it) wrote: for how twisted this movie was, it was still pretty entertaining.

Lady A (gb) wrote: SO bizarre and dreamy I had to love this movie. Kristin Scott Thomas is always excellent and Patsy Kensit is a classic "David Lynchian" type character in this movie...

Sion P (ag) wrote: From start to finish this film doesn't stop to amaze, The animation is beautiful and the musical score is incredible. All the characters are portrayed perfectly and the plot is simple and effective. The film touches on every human emotion and really is a masterpiece.

Chase H (fr) wrote: i've got this on tape its funny and amusing, iloved it

Christopher S (ag) wrote: Lurid crime melodrama from director Abel Ferrara is incredibly dated and cheesy, but packs enough raw energy to make it an exploitation cult classic. A compelling plot (hokey, though it is) by screenwriter Nicholas St. John, a capable cast, and a palpable sleazy atmosphere make it work. Entertaining in that B-movie sort of way, but as far as Ferrara films go, it delivers the pulp, but falls short on the poetry.

Jeff M (us) wrote: A brave movie from Clint thinking and moving outside the square and his perceived comfort zone.

Michelle P (es) wrote: seen it may have been alright if i had seen it in the seventies unfortnitly i wasn't born then lol. other then that alright as a classic other than that not worth it.

Brian C (nl) wrote: One of the better Bond films. Most of the typical Bond film elements, minus most of the usual misogyny!

Borhan K (gb) wrote: Last night i sat down and watch this dramatic dark period piece thriller.Revolving around a young women life getting stuck with her aunt while her dad goes off to war and due to her dad passing away at this war. the girl is forced into marriage with her cousin at that time.This was normal back then.Which is played by Tom Felton Malfoy from the Harry Potter series.This marriage is loveless and she ends up having a torrid affair with a family friend of her husband.This had elements that reminded me of The Scarlet Letter I think it had Demi Moore in it at the time.The movie is kinda dark and slow paced and is kinda setting in a depressing way.If you like period pieces that have a thriller twist to them this would be what your looking for.For me its a one off movie.Not suitable for the kiddies.

William R (kr) wrote: One of the most original rom-coms i've seen and truly a joy to watch

Sylvester K (jp) wrote: The grim tone was stripped away in favour of adventure comedy. Max now arrives at a seedy trading centre controlled by Tina Turner who could not act, then he was cast out to a town of survivors of plane crash. I enjoyed the concept but the change in tone was a really bad move. The survivors of plane crash forming a colony was a really neat concept though, I am sure Fallout series has taken that element into the game as well.

Aaron M (ca) wrote: Its not funny nor scary. In fact its a bit of a mess. The plot is stupid and whilst laughing at Jane Austin it really struggled to make me laugh and was extremely uninteresting.