Echoes From a Somber Empire

Echoes From a Somber Empire

Documentary examining Bokassa's rule in the Central African Republic using the testimony of witnesses and visits to key sites.

Documentary examining Bokassa's rule in the Central African Republic using the testimony of witnesses and visits to key sites. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Echoes From a Somber Empire torrent reviews

Karl G (ca) wrote: Bad acting, bad story, bad stunts! Just had bad written all over it.

Li L (ru) wrote: For those who wants to be a parent..i think this is quite depressing..skip this.

Curtis G (br) wrote: I started this film expecting something along the lines of Rory Gilmore: The Movie. It sure seems that that is the film they wanted to make too, but without the ambition, daring, or wit needed to pull it off. Despite the good cast, they can't seem to muster any enthusiasm for this project either.Ryden belongs to your typical quirky family; but they are exactly the same quirky family that you've seen in a dozen other films. In fact, most of this movie seems borrowed from stuff you've seen before.This isn't a bad flick, but by no means is it good. It's biggest failing is that it is very safe. It takes no risks, and subsequently earns no rewards. At the beginning, ask yourself what is the most cliched way they could wrap up each plot element. Then assume that's what happens and save yourself the next hour and change.

LUCA Z (de) wrote: poor adaptation of an interesting book.

David B (mx) wrote: Loved it.Daniel Craig has really cemented himself as Bond. It picked up from where Casino Royale left off and right from the get go, the action was fast paced. Plenty of screen time for Dame Judi too which adds to the excellent job Craig does.

Misty May F (jp) wrote: Such a good movie. Got my girl Mo'Nique & Xtina Applegate. Girl's good.

Rachel M (fr) wrote: I loved it simply because it used some of the oldest vampire lore that as been forgotten.

Mat C (de) wrote: I think the ending is a little fairy tale happy ending shit. I don't think that finding a new bed already is gonna make her troubles go away.

Thomas P (es) wrote: Earnest acting and beautiful cinematography could not save this sweet but odd and clumsy plot - a lonely, adopted boy searches for his estranged parents by wandering around the city. Weird.I was interested in the story, but lost interest bc of the silliness, lack of plot, and the cliches. By the time Robin Williams showed up, I was done. I was watching only to "see how it ends"- not a good enough reason to recommend a movie. Ever. A good-hearted attempt at an emotional story where you'll either feel the strings tugging on your heart and be touched, or you'll be annoyed at the attempted manipulation. That said, it's a typical, meandering Lifetime Channel story.You'll love it or you'll roll your eyes.I liked it initially - until I realized it wasn't trying to go deeper, but rather toy with the idea of an adopted boy living a fantasy in the city, and not much more.

Jacinda C (au) wrote: I actually remembered this movie for some reason and have been trying to find where I can watch it again. I remember really liking it.....I'm a Dog the Bounty Hunter fan though. I watch......A LOT of movies and there are many I hate, many I feel lukewarm about but this isn't one of them. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to watching it again.

Andy F (ag) wrote: Hugely annoying this horror / thriller / comedy didn't do it for me. When it plays it straight it has its moments but the film has the most annoying components of all the genres.

F B (ag) wrote: What an absolute load of rubbish. Maybe if you are a drug user this might make sense but I was just left speechless at the monotonous drivel that took away 88 minutes of my life.

C S (ag) wrote: Chaplin's greatest film. A personal favorite.

Luke D (it) wrote: I expected it to be terrible, and it was terrible. Another Hangover rip-off that has a funny cast, which confuses the fuck outta me why the signed on after reading the script?! This shit is just as generic as it gets