A round of unerotic sexual couplings in Toronto, interspersed with interviews about an impending total eclipse.

A round of unerotic sexual couplings in Toronto, interspersed with interviews about an impending total eclipse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Eclipse torrent reviews

Candace D (mx) wrote: Okay horse movie. Get's a bit pathetic towards the end and then they ruin it by swapping horses at the end. Have seen better.

Johnny G (br) wrote: nice action prison movie like the first one.

Lee B (kr) wrote: I do like my occasional Bollywood movie. And you can't go wrong with the big ones, like this one. Well, you could go wrong at parts. My biggest question after watching this was whether Pixar gave them legit permission. But I can say this movie is very polished and a great production that keeps you attentive for the most part. Still, this movie has some really awkward moments. The fantastical doesn't bother me as much as how awkward the basketball scene is (I don't think they ever touched a basketball before this scene) or a few of the fights (which are not choregrpahed as well as the dancing). However, the humor works at moments and the routines are fun. Everyone in the movie is good eye candy and I have to admit that the wire work and general idea of the fight on top of the train that doesn't look very CG is good. Actually, not too much of it was harshly bad on the CG scale, like the Cliffside flying.It's a good taste of big budget Bollywood. Nothing too bad to say about it other than it could have been better, but I can't expect perfection.

Galvy F (ag) wrote: bombshells and the legends that proceed us. the boundaries of chasing ghosts.

(es) wrote: This was a decent movie, it was funny, predictable, intensifying, and kind of light hearted at times, overall it does come together and pursues.

Anne S (au) wrote: Not that great, but definately worth watching.. and the twist is out there..

Gary M (kr) wrote: Legendary stuff! Watch out for the "dead body" during the credits, who looks up to see if the camera is still rolling, realises that it is, then ducks down and hopes nobody notices! Class.

Guillaume H (au) wrote: The best Woody Allen but never mentioned as such, his most tender story and most funny, manges to make a perfect blend between sketches and cohesion by neatly tying up all the segment together by the force of its elegant flow. And just the right amount of manic, never veers into self indugence.

Poul F (ca) wrote: Another solid Eastwood western featuring Robert Duvall.

Ryder S (nl) wrote: A very important film that was well ahead of it's time. Haskell Wexler seemlessly weaves real life documentary footage with his intelligent (fictional) story which in itself weaves the story of many dicotomy of the american experience. One of the most powerful themes examined in this film is the ethics and role of the camera man (person), in both news media and by extension the bias, partizen or even fictionialized world of hollywood. Very thought provoking, a revolution in american cinema and an important companian to any study of verite cinema.

Private U (au) wrote: nice nice nice movie I could watch it again and again anyway nothing elvis did could ever disappoint me!! Love Him

Claudia S (ru) wrote: Was looking so forward to this movie that I saw 60 years ago as a girl of 10. It was lots of fun with great songs, just like I remembered. That is until I got to the ending which I did not remember but it was the code of the day. I believed her performance of the love-struck girl who was punished for being talented and had to give up her power (and self) to win the love of a totally self-absorbed man. This was the 50s where the women wore gloves and shirtwaists that showed off their boobs and tiny waists even if we had to be tortured to get one. Worn a girdle or a waist cincher belt lately? What a crock of --- was sold to us impressionable children. If you are watching this with a child be sure to point out that women can be strong and smart and this is not a good way to "get a man."

Kevin M W (br) wrote: Claude Rains downplays the "Caesar, Furious Worldbeater" reputation here, and rather accents a gentle father chiding his errant child allure as the most famous Roman meets the most famous Egyptian (Vivian Leigh), who is only a child of 13 at first meeting. Bernard Shaw's script then entertainingly (curiously, too) highlights the father - daughter dynamics in this most lush of British productions, most forgotten of the Cleopatra portrayals, and inconsiderately so. It is better than you might think, and veddy British as well.

Tim S (ag) wrote: I remember first coming upon I Come in Peace (AKA Dark Angel) in the early nineties when it first started airing on The Movie Channel. The lead alien, played by action movie veteran Matthias Hues, is definitely the standout reason why so many people remember this film, including myself. The long blonde hair, the white eyes and the line "I come in peace" made for a very memorable image. Unfortunately, I had forgotten everything else about the movie. I was delighted to discover that it was a rather fun action movie that was filled with explosions and cool alien technology. It reminded me a lot of Robocop in that regard, but you can also draw similarities to Die Hard, Predator and Lethal Weapon very easily. It's not that it's a great movie either, because it isn't really. It's actually just a fun action B movie, and one that Dolph Lundgren actually does some decent work in as an actor. Craig R. Baxley's background as a stuntman definitely informs the film's action set pieces. Many of the actors are in shot with the explosions going off behind them with next to no real precautions taken. Brian Benben has some nice comic relief moments, the action comes quite often and the idea is actually a relatively original one, at least that I know of.

Dione O (nl) wrote: This Film is about the shooting of the film ' The Prince and the Showgirl'. Colin Clark wants to work in the film industries and gets a job as a 3 Director in the film ' THe Prince and the Showgirl ' staring Marilyn.What is a 3 Director you ask me? is a lowly assistant lol.Marilyn is the biggest Hollywood star on the planet.But during the filming of the film, you can can see that Marilyn is real Dumb/naive and with a lot of insecurities, and really dont know her lines.Colin and marilyn start to get very intimate and close, and he helps her a lot through her insecurity.They manage too end the shooting of the film and its a Big hit.During the film you can see how was the real Marilyn, she was really maluca da cabea Lol.THe actress that plays Marilyn (Michelle Williams)does a really good job and got a Oscar nomination.Love you Stephanie Joan Logan.

Anthony M (br) wrote: Aronofsky's debut puts him right where he works best, inside the mind of a tortured genius.