Eva has just gotten married to an older gentleman, but discovers that he is obsessed with order in his life and doesn't have much room for passion. She becomes despondent and leaves him, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Gareth D (ag) wrote: Very biased, and the figures they use are not really as accurate as they portray them to be, transport is still the #1 source of greenhouse gas and not animal agriculture. Do we need to eat WAY less meat and be more mindful about the meat we eat? Absolutely, choose only free range chickens and eggs, grass fed beef and wild caught salmon. Even though the whole sustainable fish thing is pretty bogus too.Worth a watch anyway, but do your own research after.

Magnus S (us) wrote: Nostalgic trip for moviefreaks.

Justin H (ag) wrote: This was a decent concept, that ended up being marred by several flaws that could feasibly have been fixed. From the fact that there is virtually no security or patient confidentiality in the asylum, to the utter incompetence of many of the characters, I found my suspension of disbelief faltering more than once. Not helping matters are the less than likable protagonists, and a rather predictable (yet still poorly explained) major twist. The alternate ending does assuage some of my gripes, which would be spoiler-ish to get into now, however.Despite all this, "Medium Raw" isn't a terrible movie, and there are some enjoyable performances by the actors playing a couple of the inmates. Still, it is fundamentally flawed, so know that if you're determined to watch it.

Dw K (jp) wrote: Not bad. I've seen better but still worth watching.

Samuel J (fr) wrote: another classic Sandler movie before he got shite. Buscemi is funny as hell in this

Michael W (kr) wrote: More cyborgs sent from future time to capture the DNA Child. Too many flashbacks and poor special fx but worst part of film is two wisecracking female cyborgs. Adds nothing to the series.

Brian B (gb) wrote: I saw this coming on one night and I gave it a try. There's absolutely no quality despite having Aykroyd and O'Donnell.

Hayley M (ru) wrote: This movie is a big part of my childhood. I wish more kids saw it then and I wish that kids would watch it now. It's beautiful and thought-provoking.

Rob L (fr) wrote: Seagal's accent is awful, but the violence is cool. It is what you'd expect.

Margo Z (au) wrote: ??????? ?????????? ??????? ?? ????? ???????. ??? ????????????. ????? ?? ????? ???????, ?? ?? ??????????

bob l (ca) wrote: Cheryl Ladd -- beautiful. Cool idea really craters towards the end -- a shame.

Chriy G (mx) wrote: Beautiful's and lush piece of film-making, the scenery and its colours are pure magic. A very strange but simple storytelling of unusual balance of bizarre musical opening, hopeful light-heartedness middle with a sudden Violence and tragic ending

Harim K (gb) wrote: also not cassavetes' best.

Charlie W (jp) wrote: This Film Is Just Amazing You Will Be Shocked

Pauline S (nl) wrote: Kept me interested from start to finish

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