Eddie Izzard: Sexie

Eddie Izzard: Sexie

Filmed in Eastbourne where his grandfather and father were born and where he went to school, this show is the funniest live show that could ever be performed by a warm blooded animal.

Filmed in Eastbourne where his grandfather and father were born and where he went to school, this show is the funniest live show that could ever be performed by a warm blooded animal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Eddie Izzard: Sexie torrent reviews

Jussi M (de) wrote: Vkivaltainen ja hiriintynyt.

Jason K (nl) wrote: 90 mins of people talking about someone who refuses to talk for himself in a doc about his work. really. ....really!?

Josh B (br) wrote: A little heavy with one dramatic scene after the other. There's almost no let up, or time to take in what's happened until the end. The ending is solid. The problem is: I couldn't wait to get there. Ellen Barkin pretty much carries this on her back.

Faian I (gb) wrote: kamal movie hai bohooot ala dil to bacha hai je ;)

Paul P (nl) wrote: Some movies are so bad, they are good, this one is just bad. I could not even finish this one

Alyan H (ru) wrote: one of my fav rudd films ever

Joan T (ag) wrote: Had it all figured out within the first 7 minutes. An extra star for the Chateau Marmont, without those scenes I would have given 1.5 stars....and then that 1 .5 would be for my boyfriend Christian Bale...otherwise, very predictable.

Ian M (de) wrote: Definitely looks like my kinda movie!!

Yash B (es) wrote: Visually impressive but overall just good superhero movie. Great for its time but nothing that stands out. Fun movie that is unique and a good time.

Private U (br) wrote: Wonderful. Amazing and lovely.

William W (ru) wrote: This was a solid and highly enjoyable take on the spaghetti western by Rodriguez that rightfully put the director on the map and provided star Antonio Banderas the breakthrough he needed in the American marketplace. Though I love his work on the Sin City films, particularly the first, his incredible earlier trilogy will always hold a special place in my cinephilic heart.My recent project of coming to terms with classic Westerns has only further helped me enjoy these more recent contemporary releases.

Onie S (es) wrote: Very funny. Still humming Big Bottom.

The M (us) wrote: Not the movie I ad expected, but that doesn't mather. This was a joy to watch and Tony Lo Bianco does a great portrait of the officer hunting down the truth to the killings. As I sad earlier, this was not the movie I had expected. So prepare for some surprises. My rating would have been higher if the sound, light and some of the suporting actors were replaced.All in all it was definitely watchable.

Bill B (kr) wrote: Pete Walker really hit his stride for me with my watch of this one, in which a cruel older woman uses her son to lure promiscuous young women to their remote estate, then imprisons them to teach them the error of their ways through a series of torture and punishment.Wild stuff, especially considering the UK and the time frame in which these films were made.Give it a look.

Aaron B (br) wrote: Heartwarming tale of a man who carries his formerly-conjoined mutant twin brother around in a picnic basket so that they can exact sweet revenge upon the doctors who surgically separated them against their will years earlier. The mutant brother uses his powers of telepathy, super-human strength, and moving via stop-animation while the normal brother displays a formidable arsenal of weapons that include sucking face, naked night-running, and having REO Speedwagon hair. Everyone should watch this movie.

Steve E (ag) wrote: Complete garbage. When it comes to desperately trying to look weird or interesting, David Lynch consistently displays more shame than any teenager I've ever seen walking into a Hot Topic. This is a highly acclaimed film because critics and cinema-philes rarely have testicles.

Carly D (it) wrote: I feel like I should see it, just because it was actually based on a decent book and I've seen the second. xD

Taras K (ru) wrote: ??????? ?????! ????? ??????? ?????? ???????????? ????????. ???????? ??? ???????, ?????????????? ?????? ?????????, ??????????? ?, ????????, ???????. ?? ??????? ???? ????? ??????? ???????, ???? The Words ??????? ?????? ???????.

Charlie 7 (fr) wrote: Nothing more then a insult to your intelligence and the original Terminator. I mean seriously what happened. The direction in this film is poor, the dialogue sounds like it's been written by five year old, the film shoehorns a bunch of fan service to appeal to the dumber masses as if they are actually paying homage to the original Terminator when they actually aren't, the fight scenes are over the top and lack a sense of scale to it, and last but not least the film squanders on a premise it set up and expects me to get invested in a epic finale which it itself has not earned. This reboot sucked.Final verdict: 4/10P.s. Stop pretending that this is a good film James Cameron!

Javier F (fr) wrote: No es un mal thriller. Cae en tpicos, repitiendo la frmula a ms no poder, pero sabe desarrollar una buena base. Los actores cumplen y refuerzan la intriga, quedando finalmente un entretenimiento excelente, lleno de ella. Para matar el rato.