Eddie Meduza: The Movie

Eddie Meduza: The Movie

A documentary on the life of Swedish musician Eddie Meduza.

A documentary on the life of Swedish musician Eddie Meduza. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Eddie Meduza: The Movie torrent reviews

Bhavesh M (ag) wrote: great film...emotional and very much a true story :(

John A (es) wrote: Unwatchable. Could not understand dialog. No subtitles. Horrible, noisy, unpleasant soundtrack. Boring plot. Stunk.

J D (ca) wrote: I'm attracted but not sure if I want to see it in a unit, lol whatever tell her your sorry,for what?it doesn't matter...

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Anna B (nl) wrote: This was such a tragic, yet wonderful movie.

Janne S (it) wrote: Visually beautiful, but a bit too slow moving for my taste.

Wendry B (fr) wrote: Best movie I Have Ever Seen!!!! The Way It's Filmed Is Amazing!!

John H (ca) wrote: A game of sexual politics, Bunuel-style. Straightforward, yet mysterious - but that description plays down how fun it is to watch.

Janick L (us) wrote: Vraiment excellent sur presque tous les points. Scnario, ralisation, technique. Les deux seuls points ngatifs sont qu'un des personnages jouent un peu trop pour la camra (dcroche) et la musique est un peu tannante. Les pisodes sont tous disponibles sur google video. Un influence pour Hitchcock et Lang.

bill s (jp) wrote: Stone's sex appeal helps this movie to an average rating that otherwise would have been scorned.

Jackstar G (de) wrote: Now the movie is really, mixed. I mean, on one side, we have the cool story, a corrupt mayor. However, on the other we have somewhat unmemorable characters, sloppy lines, and very little character development.

Bill T (ag) wrote: Wow! A movie I wasn't prepared to like at all turns out to be a better-then-average westerner. Although John Wayne has the lead role as a cattle-driver trying to keep order in a pretty lawless town (oh, you know, there's that guy who's trying to take over), the movie is stolen from him by Geoffrey Deuel as BillyThe Kid, trying to start a new life as a honest ranch-hand! Wayne just comes in and jowls occasionally (his indian speech seems to be a bit offplace).