Eddie Murphy Delirious

Eddie Murphy Delirious

Eddie Murphy's raunchy, raucous stand-up comedy routine is captured for posterity on this tape. Not for folks who dislike foul language.

Eddie Murphy's raunchy, raucous stand-up comedy routine is captured for posterity on this tape. Not for folks who dislike foul language. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos D (mx) wrote: I'd like to fine a polite and objective way to describe this....there's none.this movie sucked ass...tries too hard.achieves very little.

Stephen M (it) wrote: Nicely directed, well casted, the film was gripping & suspenseful.

Kimberly P (de) wrote: A must see for anyone who has lost a loved one to a long term illness. Gives closure and an insight into siblings who were rivals for attention, can pull together to help their parent in the final days of life. To forgive old transgressions and to be closer in the love of family. Please, see this film with an open heart, peace, mind and sweet love of your family.

Caesar M (au) wrote: Now I had no intention of going into this since there's plenty of other movies on my list that actually deserve my time, but I still saw this. This is one of Steven Seagal better movies believe it or not, which is not saying much. Half Past Dead is about Steven Seagal as an undercover agent on a island trying to save a senator on New Alcatraz, and that's the whole movie right there. I went into this with low expectations, we're talking about really low here, around the same expectations I would have if I were to watch a horror movie about killer rabbits and it still failed. The movie biggest problem is that there's no plot, no characterization, nothing interesting ever happens, and nearly everything about the plot is pointless. Wait a minute, we are a on island, taken over by bad people holding hostages, and we got the FBI trying to stop them, Michael Bay's The Rock? Are you kidding me, you borrowed from a good action movie and somehow not improve on the idea. So instead of the very cool Sean Connery killing people and cracking jokes, we get the very slow moving Steven Seagal without the fun. And instead of having Nicolas Cage being an important asset to the mission, we're stuck with Ja Rule who character was completely pointless and added a new level hilarity in the dramatic scenes. I would keep going about the plot, except that I already told you everything important that happened in the first sentence and everything is not important. The acting is bad, this is a Seagal movie we're talking about. There's a reason why Jean Claude Van Damme has a bigger fanbase than Seagal, sure he's a bad actor, but the enjoyable kind of bad actor who gives ridiculous facial expression and can give a good dramatic performance. Whereas Steven Seagal is simply a bad actor, it's not fun watching him and please don't ever have Seagal do drama and saying slang words ever again. Now for the first time possibly recorded in any movie, Steven Seagal actually gets hit, but his fight scenes are still pretty awful. The only thing worst than Seagal dramatic acting are the other actors. They almost make Seagal watchable, which you know takes consorted effort if you're making Seagal almost look good. Th rap music is completely unnecessary for a action movie, and also if the bad guys jumped from a plane at daytime, why did they barely reached land in night time. Makes no sense, just like how Steven Seagal keeps making movies. Now I were to replace Steven Seagal and put someone more entertaining, like say, Pee Wee Herman you would have better movie and better dramatic acting. Think about it, would you rather see Steven Seagal's Half Past Dead or Pee Wee Herman's Half Past Dead, exactly. Half Past Dead is a bad movie with no plot and not even watchable with your brain off. Simply go see Michael's Bay The Rock which does this plot better and avoid this Seagal film.

Mel L (us) wrote: Ahhhh!! Spiders! I'm so scared of them!

Zafar I (ru) wrote: Great Film Great

Kristal C (jp) wrote: Sybil Danning rules!

Andrew S (mx) wrote: It's actually a funny movie!

Leo L (jp) wrote: Here's an interesting one that tickles the stomach muscles, errrr!! you get the picture. One that leaves you a bit hungry, or not. Interesting story plot, although it also has a bit of hilarity as well. ------------- My favorite scene is the stairway chase. Gotta love that!!

Brian K (kr) wrote: one of the great underrated movies.a great war time movie filled w/ drama,romance,and even a little laugh, but mostly it just tares your heart up. colbert is strong yet soft and jennifer jones gives a great performance of a girl transforming into a sensible woman. shirley temple also gives a good performance, one of the great young talents even when she was 16

Todd O (it) wrote: If u have seen taken u know these guys can make an action movie. The only question i have is if john travolta is going to be funny

David G (kr) wrote: The last 30 minutes is brainless and exciting fun, but, two and a half hours, its tedious is too little too late.