Eddie Murphy Raw

Eddie Murphy Raw

Eddie Murphy delights, shocks and entertains with dead-on celebrity impersonations, observations on '80s love, sex and marriage, a remembrance of Mom's hamburgers and much more.

Eddie Murphy in a stand-up performance recorded live. For an hour and a half he talks about his favourite subjects: sex and women. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew B (nl) wrote: Don't do it. It's not worth it, it's seriously not good you're better off skipping it just for the best. Just look at the title of the movie and even the poster which looks Photoshop to death. Nothing really worth diving into detail with acting and story you can already tell it's not good results.

David T (mx) wrote: Pete Townsend on early Who years ??Keith Moon was a genius, John Entwistle was a genius, I was nearly a genius and Roger Daltery was just a singer?? - I bet Roger Daltery was made up by that?I have to say that I had a tear in my eye during the self-destruction of Keith Moon despite already knowing it all anyway, that??s the power of the icon that is?what a legend and a true pioneer of drumming (The Keith Moon way) and one of the craziest rock stars of them all?and most loved by every generation.I??m a mere 27 years old and was just a itch in me Daddy??s nut-sack when The Who first started making parents gasp in shock and horror at the racket booming out of their kids bedrooms, my dad was a Mod and thus passing it down the food chain to myself, I grew up with The Who as well as other great bands from the past but it seemed to me that The Who and The Kinks stood above the rest (and that did include The Beatles too) I think the story of The Who is remarkable, the fact they didn??t kill each other in itself is testament to this great band, while John and Paul thought they were having a fight Pete, Roger, Keith and maybe not The Oz as much but the rest were certainly kicking seven bells out of each other. The music is still powerful today.I fear we may never get another generation as good as the sixties lot, I think the 90s came close but it will always be music??s finest decade without doubt.I think fans of The Who will enjoy this and I think for newcomers to The Who experience will get a lot from this documentary?plus the rare High Numbers gig in full on disc too is certainly worth a look.

Maura R (br) wrote: I stumbled on this movie on one of the lesser cable channels and had no idea of it's existence. I love Ana Friel and it starts off with her singing so I had to watch. Eddie Griffin is funny, the story is typical, the end is painfully sugary sweet but it's a fun watch.

Susanna M (gb) wrote: In original language...Absolutely!

mercedes w (mx) wrote: this move shows that women are independent

Bill T (mx) wrote: Although you have to have tremendous patience with it, pretty much the first 3/4 is quite mind numbing sea strategy between the Nazis and the British, it is somewhat interesting, and then it really picks up (like everything else should) once we get to Paraguay. As with the other Archers war film Colonel Blimp, this has an extreme attention too detail. How much detail you can take is up to you to decide, but this is one of the more technical war movies ever made. Well done, but not exactly action-y.

Austin V (ag) wrote: I love both the original novel and Dougray Scott (one of the most underutilized actors working today), so this dull stinker was doubly disappointing.

william w (mx) wrote: Roger Moore's best performance as Bond.

Juan Diego L (us) wrote: Muy aburrida, no es lo que esperaba de Star Trek, escenas muy largas que fcilmente se podran recortar y generar el mismo impacto, los uniformes no me gustaron, parecan pijamas, nada como los uniformes que todos conocemos.