Ede megevé ebédem

Ede megevé ebédem

Kapa and Pepe contemplates the Hungarian capitalism of today. The power belongs to those with money.

Jancsó’s farce, similar to the previous ones, is about our time and about death. Pepe marries into a family of mafiosi, with the father-in-law rolling in money. In a joint venture they establish the first Hungarian Prison Limited company, where there is a menu, the prisoners are residents, and they furnish the place of execution for those volunteering to execute themselves. It turns out that the first voluntary hanging should be demonstrated on Pepe. In 180 AD Emperor Marcus Aurelius is dying in Vindobona, being fed with blades of hay by uncle Miki himself, and his son Kornél Mundruczó. Kapa provides for communication: he insists on telling lies, lies and again lies. Furthermore, there are several to die and to revive, to win and to lose, and Melancholy Béla is still alive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adrian S (ru) wrote: Another bizarre and darkly satirical work from Giorgos Lanthimos, director of my favourite Dogtooth.

Jeffrey N (au) wrote: They don't get much worse than this.

yana m (es) wrote: sweet story w Rani Mukherji and Saif Alik Khan!

Jude P (ag) wrote: Brilliantly crafted and the cast do their best. But, has it got the due respect ?

Enrique V (gb) wrote: Otro respiro de pelcula: un thriller sin persecuciones y explosiones, truculencia moderada y homenejeando a Hitchcock y, adems, Fanny Ardant! No por nada, los franceses iniciaron todo ste rollo del cine.

Steve S (au) wrote: *1/2 (out of four) There was some potential here with the set up and a few of the jokes hit their mark, but the rest of the time this is a pretty lame comedic, horror flick. It strives to be a B movie. That's part of the problem. It tries too hard. The best B horror movies are the ones that take themselves a little more seriously. A killer clown from the drive through of a creepy fast food joint wreaks havoc on the teens of a California town.

Rahima D (fr) wrote: Was this inspired by "Signs"?

Jonathan A (it) wrote: Casey Affleck and Matt Damon walking. Does that sound like fun to you? Good. Then go out and watch this highly overrated snoozer. By far, this is Gus Van Sant's worst movie (yes, even worse than his remake of Psycho).

Jeanette H (nl) wrote: An intimate portrait of mother daughter struggles where the daughter has overcome stigmas of the mother generation.

Lee B (us) wrote: Tupac was a great actor, it's such a shame him music/film career was cut short. He's brilliant in Gang Related. Anyway, it's an interesting thriller that although wears thin in several areas, but nothing to big to affect it. The main flaw is the conclusion. As good as it is, the last 30 minutes are riddled with several predictibal twists.

Jonathan B (gb) wrote: Probablement un master-piece. Surtout en francais la traduction est excellente. Il m'est comme impossible de penser ne pas me le procurer.. mais malheureusement le dvd ne contient pas la fameuse version francaise!!! Je serais nullement gener de placer ce film dans ma bibliotheque parmi les baseketball, the quest of holy grail et Top secret.. un film a voir with ton tete!

bill s (jp) wrote: Remember when Lee used to make subject interacting and finely crafted movies like this.Seems like a lifetime ago.

Andrew G (gb) wrote: Just when you think it can't make any less sense, it does.

Jesse L (ca) wrote: A meandering, off-the-cuff, anecdotal movie that swims so seamlessly from comedy to drama to romance to gangster film that it really defies genre altogether. Farrow's playing against type is worth the price of admission all on its own.

Daniel C (fr) wrote: Quite possibly deserving 5 stars, this is certainly my favorite from the extraordinarily talented Coen brothers. The seamless parallel of humor, commentary, and dark thrills is unequaled.