Édes Anna

Édes Anna

Mail for translation. A kis cseled, Edes Anna mindenesnek szegodik Vizy meltosagosekhoz. Vizyne buszke a jo vasarra az igenytelen, szorgalmas leannyal, de nem veszi ...

Mail for translation. A kis cseled, Edes Anna mindenesnek szegodik Vizy meltosagosekhoz. Vizyne buszke a jo vasarra az igenytelen, szorgalmas leannyal, de nem veszi ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (fr) wrote: my mom always said, 'if a movie is less than 90 minutes long-don't bother.' this at 87 minutes is proof my mom was right!

John M (kr) wrote: It tries to outwit the Shrek series, but it falls flat completely.

John W (jp) wrote: Easily the best Bond film of all.

Heather S (kr) wrote: This movie is so cute, funny, entertaining, and great for the whole family! I just love Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsy! And James Marsden is so funny as the Prince!!

Tams F (kr) wrote: Egsz kellemes akci film. Sok lvldzssel, de szerencsre kevs amerikai filmekre jellemz? hiper-szuper effekttel :)

Mark M (gb) wrote: Joy Division still give me goose bumps. So did this film.

Philip N (au) wrote: While well acted and played out....and a slow drama (and I do like dramas)....this one might've been a little too slow. It did follow the relationship between these two brothers well and realistically. I just needed something a little more from the film....and maybe a couple more scenes OUTSIDE of the hospital. Good film, just not my cup of tea.

Nolanbrams R (ru) wrote: Christopher Nolan's first ambitious and paradoxical ride of entertainment. 'Who follows the followers?'We follow this young writer, constantly trying to find depth to his imaginary characters. He starts to follow people and, of course, meats this thief. He gets obsessed with this character and gets into his life and sooner than later a companionship was formed. As Christopher Nolan's next movie; "Memento" (2000), "Following" got the same (but less) complex non-linear structure but also the identical theme and compassion. It constantly jumps from different timelines and it keeps the audience interested with the story and its surprises, twists and turns along the one-hour movie. The whole plot is very ironic as it is paradoxical and smart. It got a lot to tell about obsession, trust, perspectives of different personalities & everyday life. It's entertaining for one type of person, slow and boring for another one. But it worked excellent for me, because it's so clever and I quickly got into this odd grayish cinematic flick. The characters are very well presented, even though the acting performances aren't flawless and that there isn't that much time spent on introducing our characters in a more profound and less dry way. But there's great development to our main individual, through his ups and downs we see his frustrations over all the struggles he must face with his new companionship. The stunning aspect with "Following", is just as Nolan's newer creations; the structure. Which is so smart and it puts everything we get to know in a brand new perspective, especially the third act which had some big twists and turns, both for the character and the main plot. The interesting part is that the soundtrack is hinting a bit, that something odd is going on, that something isn't right. And it really is a stunning non-linear movie that's enjoyable and highly unique, even though it's 17 years old. It might have some less-flawless aspects, including a non-perfectional editing and cinematography. But it really is a smart, iconic and of course a complex ride of entertainment, and that's what keeps impressing my critical and personal viewpoint. Personal rating: 80/100Critical rating: 84/100

Naoya K (mx) wrote: Another surprisingly well-done and unknown action masterpiece of Hong Kong. Produced by Hark Tsui and directed by Ringo Lam. Featuring Sai-Yuk Fong, which is the character Jet Li played in "The Legend" (1993), as the hero. It describes the battle between survivors of Shaolin Temple and the local ruler in a temple, which is full of sexuality, violence, blood, and many other things which emotionally grabs audiences' interests. Even though there is no famous actors in the film, Lam's technique of making action film like a (good) Japanese comic book is in full force here as in his "Full Contact" (1992). It sometimes looks really absurd, but still, it is the film which has all the attractions of Hong Kong action films.

Joey T (ru) wrote: I went and saw this in theaters when I was a kid and loved it! I re-watched it and it's not as good as I remembered it but I still like it!

bill s (kr) wrote: One of my top ten worst movies I had to sit through.....NO value in this horse$hit of a movie.

Paul D (de) wrote: Despite it's great cast and soundtrack, this film ended up being fairly mediocre! I found it difficult to follow anything resembling a story and it was also tough to care about any of the characters.

Hans J E (it) wrote: Just a quick rating of a film seen in the past.

Brandon M (br) wrote: Cheesy overdramatic tripe. Jesus, the main guy in this movie makes Edward Cullen look like Ferris Bueller.

Sarah S (de) wrote: I've seen many a war film lately, and this one didn't stack up.

jay n (kr) wrote: Well made, well acted drama of a young teacher's struggle to adapt to a tough inner city school. Some of the sheen has worn off the topicality of the issue since there have been many versions of it but this is a fine rendering of the tale. Sandy Dennis is perfectly cast in the lead.

John S (us) wrote: Forget Nyquil. Needed a nap and this movie did the trick.

Andy S (ag) wrote: Interesting but contrived melodrama that might have worked better if had been about the actual Ku Klux Klan.

Michael H (gb) wrote: While not as fun as the movie it draws inspiration, Generation Iron gives a close up on a sport, and a lifestyle, that remains as interesting as it was 40 years ago.

Andr D (kr) wrote: El director Roger Michell ("Notting Hill", "Morning Glory", "Venus") nos entrega una deliciosa y delicada historia acerca de una pareja madura de profesores britnicos (unos excelentes Jim Broadbent y Lindsey Duncan) quienes se embarcan a unas vacaciones en Pars para recuperar el rumbo de su larga relacin. Influenciada por la triloga de "Before" del director Richard Linklater y con mltiples referentes al cine de Godard (incluido el ttulo), esta cinta centrada en el dilogo y en las miradas, nos muestra la madurez de un director que poco a poco nos ha demostrado su genialidad. "Le Week-End" es un blsamo para el corazn y para el alma.