The most widely associated perception of Straight Edge involves abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and promiscuous sex. Since it's origin in the early 1980's these beliefs have spread all over the world, connected through the Punk and Hardcore music scenes. Through interviews with musicians that directly shaped the idea of Straight Edge from its inception until today, EDGE reveals that the abstinence from drugs was established as a youth counter culture rejecting a society dominated by substance abuse and hegemony. Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi), Ray Cappo (Youth of Today, Shelter) and Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis, Freya) give witness to their perception of the history of Straight Edge, why it was so important to them and what it changed in their personal and professional careers. But they also address problems like violence, sexism and intolerance that emerged within Straight Edge, and how it changed the 'scene' as well as its public image.

The most widely associated perception of Straight Edge involves abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and promiscuous sex. Since it's origin in the early 1980's these beliefs have ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel P (br) wrote: Rogen as a scientist? Yea not buying it. Also not funny enough.

Allen G (mx) wrote: Almost certainly the role that would later land John Boyega all 'dat Star Wars fame, 'Attack the Block' serves as a great demonstration of his acting prowess. Further, it also shows that British filmmaking is alive and well and that alien films still have a lot to offer if there's enough creativity involved. 'Attack the Block' is pretty unconventional tone-wise as it jumps between real thrills and tension and mainstream British comedy. Its premise and its cast of characters makes this feel like a match made in heaven as the aliens come after a group of young boys and so we feel their fear but also get to laugh at their mock-bravado. There's definitely some social commentary going on too, but it's an aside rather than the film's main focus and certainly never takes away from the action. Speaking of the action- there's a fair bit of it (mostly running, mind you) and it looks great. The aliens are never over-shown which prevents the film from collapsing under the weight of ever-dating CGI. I'm generally a fan of British humour of even comedy films in general, but I definitely had a few giggles here so I was pretty impressed in that regard too. I do have a few qualms with the film, however, primarily with regards to its plot. I won't go into specifics but I just felt that certain parts of the film were underdeveloped, possibly even a tad lazy (particularly nearer the end). That's a little unfortunate because, otherwise, I think 'Attack of the Block' would have been a real modern-day classic.As it stands, it didn't quite make the cut but it's still a joyously original romp into the sci-fi genre and I think it deserves a sequel, eh?

Claudio R (ag) wrote: Entretenida historia de aventura cientifica, con dinosaurios pesimamente logrados usando lagartos disfrazados con cuernos, puestos a pelearse y mostrados en tal angulo y escenario que parecieran gigantes). Para publico infantil, apasionante; sobre todo si no se la pretende comparar con la version de Spielberg con maravillas logradas por computadora, pero igual la original es mi favorita entre ambas.

Bruce L (fr) wrote: If you like quirky, indie films then check out this one we watched last night.

Lester Y (nl) wrote: Well, it definitely got boring.Although "The Weight" jam sesh in the end was a bit endearing and genuine.

Steve S (gb) wrote: this movie is plain awful. the sound quality sucks, the cinematography is non existent, and the acting is terrible. where has you're career gone judd nelson? you used to be somewhat cool, now you just do any movie you can get your hands on, like this crap.

Jose A (ca) wrote: its most of all a comedy... it has its mushy momment but meant to be a comedy... loved it because it was funny and so did my brothers and my cousin;s roomates... worth seeing

BellaRay (jp) wrote: Funky Monkey.. you suck.

Matt M (fr) wrote: This is one of the best horror documentaries to ever be made. This film not only gives us a recap of what film came out when, etc. This film addresses what horror films are all about - the psyche of a society. It talks to the horror filmmakers themselves about what the film, whether intentional or not, is really saying. The racial issues of "Night of the Living Dead", the Vietnam influence on Craven's "Last House" as well as the sexual repression seen in Cronenberg's "Shivers".This documentary should be show to anyone who thinks horror movies are just mindless stab-a-thons. See it.

Jon W (kr) wrote: Not as epic as the first, but super amazingly fun none the less.

Bruno N (kr) wrote: The vengeance of max is a cult-classic motorized action movie, but it has it's little weakness that change our perspectives of the movie

Mohamed E (ag) wrote: Beyond terrible. I'd give it below zero if possible.

Matt M (fr) wrote: A young Indian man, son of an Indian mother and a white father, lives in a house with his white brother that lies in the middle of a conflict between a group of American racist settlers and a fierce Indian tribe. Eventuall, the young man finds himself in situations that lead him to side with the indans. Regardless of the fact that this is perhaps the only Elvis film, apart from Jailhouse Rock, with a plot, and a film that allows him to actually give a credible performance, the film leans heavily on melodrama and can't help feeling a little too dull for its own good.

Sheldon C (gb) wrote: Great cast but a VERY uneven movie. This could have been so much better.

Michael F (nl) wrote: no story but very entertaining and jason statham can do no wrong in my books...where is JASON BOURNE!

Tim M (kr) wrote: Will wait for rental probably

Andrew L (ru) wrote: Great film. Great soundtrack. Cusack's best film & role.