Edge of America

Edge of America

From acclaimed director, Chris Eyre, whom People Magazine calls "…the preeminent Native American filmmaker of his time" comes this touching and inspirational story about loyalty, friendship and courage. New man in town Kenny Williams (James McDaniel) has just accepted a position as an English professor at the Three Nations Reservation in Utah. Finding it hard to fit in with the tight-knit Native American community, he decides to take on the challenge of coaching the high school girls' basketball team.

Based on a true story, a black educator takes a job teaching high-school English at the Three Nations Reservation, and is coaxed into coaching the girls basketball team. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Onno v (mx) wrote: ook na 10 minuten uitgezet, misschien wel goed, maar had geen behoefte om het af te wachten

Mitch G (nl) wrote: Drugs, foul language, suicide attempts, family dysfunction... sounds like a wedding! (C)

Tom E (jp) wrote: Amazingly depressing and hope-less

Camille I (us) wrote: letting yourself go and not trying to maintain control. that is Pearl Jam.

Eric B (kr) wrote: The absurd dark comedy of the beginning gives way to a typical and slightly disappointing schmaltzy ending. But I was laughing so much through the first half.

Josh L (au) wrote: A masterpiece in every way and the true end that the Evangelion series and it's fans deserved. Only with the Rebuild of Evangelion films would Hideaki Anno finally show us his true vision in all of it's beautifully animated glory. 5 out of 5 Stars.

Tristan G (es) wrote: One of the greatest coming-of-age films of all time.

Liam C (nl) wrote: Awesome Cannon film, Sho Kasugi vs some cheesy Chuck Norris looking white dude. Funny and violent.

Hatem A (nl) wrote: 2.0/4.0Beautiful but overlong and occasionally boring tale (despite a 100-minute running time) of a turn-of-the-twentieth-century young, tomboyish Australian female (Judy Davis) wanting to make something out of herself despite her family's desires to marry her off. When sent to spend some time with her wealthy grandma, she is charmed by a rich young man (Sam Neill) while never losing direction of her aims. Davis is good but her character gets a bit annoying at times as we don't really get a sense of what she wants to do till the very end. While scenery is beautiful, nothing really happens events-wise in the first hour or so. Some interesting development takes place in last 30 minutes and lasts for 15 minutes or so but by then it is a little too late. Nominated for One Oscar: Costume Design.

Majo 8 (de) wrote: Not the funniest movie ever made, but definitely entertaining any time Lennon is on screen

K D (us) wrote: I enjoyed the story the most, as even though the movie was based around the earthquake, it really featured an interesting love story. Maybe all of the singing didn't quite thrill me, but I still enjoyed the sequences. Clark Gable gave a good performance and it was often hard to really judge if his character was supposed to be the protagonist but the story slowly revealed it. I also enjoyed Jeanette MacDonald's performance, and her eyes just drew me in every scene. Nice picture.

Cole M (fr) wrote: Cool movie :) sad but fun. Seriously what's up with the ending? So whatever palm-readers tell us IS true? That's just retarded.

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Jackson S (ag) wrote: This is a great movie, it's just one I don't think I'm going to watch again

Jamie C (it) wrote: This film was better than it should of been, The plot is silly, The acting is silly, The ending is silly, Most of the jokes (The ones that don't bomb) Are silly but it works, God knows how, The strong cast helped and they all looked like they enjoyed filming, I laughed quite a few times aswell, It wont be everyones taste but I liked it and most comedy fans will if you switch your brain off.