Edison & Leo

Edison & Leo

The film is about the relationship between crazy scientist George Edison and his son Leo. After being electrocuted as a child, Leo is no longer able to touch people without electrocuting them.

A genius inventor's world threatens to fly apart at the seams. His son, who has electricity crackling through his veins due to an accident in his father's laboratory, discovers the truth about his father's past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Margaret Z (it) wrote: I liked the beginning and middle, but the last section the movie sucked!!

Justin B (au) wrote: I have to give them kudos for not holding anything back but while a lot of the plot developments are quite interesting, not knowing what was going on and only getting a few hints towards the end is what made the original film so good. Also, while this version still sports all the same thrills and chills, it's also got a decent amount of more tacky bits and overall it's missing momentum.

Leung C (au) wrote: Horrible. Managed to outdo the other flick 'Beowulf' in the unpopularity stakes. Poor acting, poor 'special' effects. Luckily I caught it on HBO.

baxter h (it) wrote: Not a horror movie.It sucked

Benny C (nl) wrote: Why isn't there a "kind of want to, if it's free" option?

Simon G (de) wrote: wtf... damn, i hate independet movies... well, not all of course. there are some good ones out here, one of them ill rate in this entry... (and american independents are a lot better though) but still.. just watched "Accelerator".. haha, was this a home-made video or what? you see in the first minute this will be a real bad movie.. but oh well, had to watch it to the end (like every film). the funny thing is, all those critics probably love this film.. because.. its. SOO realistic or something.. because there is soo mich social critism etc.. haha. ok, now to the other independet movie.. there are good ones. if they are professional. like "Riding giants".. wow, you didn't see it was an independent movie at any time. oh, and then The Glass House. First half good, second one not. Better a bad hollywood movie with great pictures etc. than some crappy independent film. :(

Kevin C (it) wrote: As a road trip film, it's stellar. As a historical insight into the events and psychological gear grinding that influenced the revolutionary leader known as Che Guevarra, it falters.

Joanna M (jp) wrote: Funny to see that there are only 3 reviews of this sad... sad movie. But seriously, this film was just lame. I know it's for kids, but I thought that this was just a poor excuse for a movie, created to make money during the holiday season. LeVar Burton!!! How could you?!?!

Kitt H (ca) wrote: Apart from the Karaoke scene, I had a lot of difficulty sitting through this movie.

Stuart K (kr) wrote: Written and directed by Spike Lee, who went to make a very personal film, but unlike his recent films of the times like Girl 6 (1996), Get on the Bus (1996) and He Got Game (1998), it didn't have African-Americans at it's centre, it had Italian-Americans in the Bronx, it was the summer where this was set that Lee decided to become a filmmaker, so it had a personal touch and it's a good film as well. In the summer of 1977, New York City has been gripped by the fear of a serial killer known as Son of Sam, who has targeted people making out in parked cars. A group of friends in the Bronx, Vinny (John Leguizamo) and his wife Dionna (Mira Sorvino) and his half-sister Ruby (Jennifer Esposito), Richie (Adrien Brody) and Joey (Michael Rispoli) are plagued by fear and distrust, as they soon begin to suspect one another as to who the Son of Sam really is. Meanwhile, Detective Petrocelli (Anthony LaPaglia) of the New York Police Department turns to notorious local mobster Luigi (Ben Gazzara) to help find out who the Son of Sam killer really is. It's a good thriller, and it owes a debt of gratitude in a way to the films of Martin Scorsese, and it has the seediness and darkness of William Friedkin's Cruising (1980). It shows Lee crafting a good character piece, and the seeds of distrust being placed amongst them all, it's dark and moody but it captures the era well.

Yosef W (es) wrote: You know if you keep freeing Willy...maybe, just maybe....he's not learning to free himself.

Saku N (mx) wrote: I was trying to understand how everyone had "Pinhead" status...or even how he became Pinhead himself....and how he was able to separate himself and still function....but it was alright....

Jarn Y (nl) wrote: quirky but I still liked it a lot after I rewatched it. and a miles davis soundtrack!

Tony H (gb) wrote: Underrated 80s thriller, I couldn't tear my eyes away from James Woods and Brian Dennehy.Also, James Woods is goddamned awesome.

Jeffrey P (us) wrote: Slow pacing, uneven acting and very primitive effects. Still, there's a certain charm to it if you're patient. The poster/creature design (and Frank Gorshin's casting) are the highlights.

Logan M (mx) wrote: "Still Alice" is more deserving of the title "Hallmark's Movie of the Week," than widespread critical acclaim.

Reggie W (au) wrote: grotesque is the word, besides bloody nonsense, for this film

Dave S (kr) wrote: a little slow but a good movie