Teenagers stumble across a prehistoric caveman, who goes on a rampage.

Teenagers stumble across a prehistoric caveman, who goes on a rampage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee P (es) wrote: This film was both funny and entertaining to watch up until the final scenes of the movie when a change of pace leads to a mediocre ending. Video rental for most people 7/10 Rev 404

Drake H (kr) wrote: Like Brazil but better.But maybe I should watch Brazil again. Idk I might actually like it now

Shari L (nl) wrote: an inspirational story of lacrosse. completely recommend.

Mike S (br) wrote: The worst of the series. Boring!!!!

F B (br) wrote: A nice enjoyable film and story

Pritam S (au) wrote: Nice movie.. simple moral..... Enjoy everything while you can.. live your dreams n do everything you ever wanted. Vinay Pathak at his best... nice script n nice direction I guess. The Best Good bye ever ! It sure is.

Jesse F (it) wrote: An outrageous comedy thanks to 'Rogen' and 'Franco'.

Jenn T (us) wrote: I actually really liked this flick, good acting!

Grant K (nl) wrote: An absolutely hilarious comedy that harkens back to the comedies of Monty Python, with a more sinister edge. A cult classic.

Charles P (es) wrote: Underworld: Evolution will require two things: 1) earplugs for the action overkill and 2) a pen & paper to make sense of the clumsy, incomprehensible story and backstory.

Fardin F (fr) wrote: lebih dari sekedar mencintai orang tua

Jessica H (kr) wrote: interesting idea with a recycled 90's look.

Todd C (it) wrote: I hate to admit, but I cried a river when I watched this movie at the age of 11. I haven't seen it since, and I probably wouldn't cry since I'm older and more cynical, but you never know...

Muhammad K (mx) wrote: Incredibly funny , one of the best army comedies I've even seen .

dan b (es) wrote: In a preemptive strike in their war of the worlds mars sends it's most feared weapon.........Tommy Kirk. Once on earth he integrates himself into the beach party gang and puts the moves on annette. Sorry no frankie this time.

James H (gb) wrote: Rather routine and ordinary, cute but nothing outstanding, best known for the casting of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz for the first time. Forgettable songs. 5.5/10.

Eric H (de) wrote: Everybody know that Citizen Kane is the greatest movie of all time. La Grande Illusion is number two! That makes it the best French movie of all time, and the greatest war movie ever made.Everything here is perfect : the cast, the dialogues, the atmosphere, the film direction of Renoir, the intelligence of the script, and even the now very old music is perfect! Even if I love the emotions and the humor of the two prisoners camps, for me, the final 30 minutes are the peak of the movie, when the two fugitives are with the german woman (Wonderful Dita Parlo, as seen in L'Atalante). She can't understand Gabin, but the two fell in love. When she shows the empty table where there was so many people before the war, some tears came rolling out of my eyes. See this movie if you can and tell everybody to enjoy this great piece of art!

Alisha A (ru) wrote: I want to see this movie soo badly:D

Eric G (gb) wrote: looks and feels exactly like Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Anthony V (jp) wrote: Fritz Lang directing a Western? Really?