Een maand later

Een maand later

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Chatis A (kr) wrote: My daughter loves it she watches it to much

Greg W (de) wrote: i know this is one of the few movies director terence malick (thin red line) but I'm not crazy about the style he hraceas come 2 embrace i call it 'stream of consciencious' film making.

Brittany D (ru) wrote: Loved it.. good inspirational movie.

K T (nl) wrote: Certainly worth watching!

Andrew F (br) wrote: Though I think this movie was a lofty experiment, I found it kind of boring.

Zack B (gb) wrote: Lackluster effort. It's based on a real situation, but the rest is all BS. John Wayne does his thing as always, but he isn't helped by a weak story and unnecessary appearences of Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett.

Christine R (mx) wrote: Cute, funny in some instances. May Robinson was very good as Apple Annie, and Dave the Dude was a gangster with a heart of gold.

Cesar J (es) wrote: This Looney Tunes movie was... okay. Though I prefer "Space Jam" over this, actually.

Vincent T (gb) wrote: Whoopi Goldberg est juste exceptionnelle. Un de ses meilleurs films. Bonne humeur garantie tout le long. A voir et a revoir.

Antonia P (it) wrote: Really good film if you like thriller and your not keen on jumpy paranormal films.