Een zaak van leven of dood

Een zaak van leven of dood

When Eva no longer finds satisfaction in her relationship with Hans, her phobias reappear. Through Hans' former colleague Jack she learns to deal with her fears, the hard way.

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Craig S (mx) wrote: The true message of this Great Film by Susan Bier is missed by many who have reviewed it. A N.Y times writer actually said it "Love is all you need" was about a wedding that goes wrong. And focused on the why the song "That's Amore'" was used! It was mildly offensive after watching this Movie, because the review was so out of touch with the real story of how Love in all its forms is all you need! All you need to cope with Cancer. All you need to start living again. All you need to forgive. All you need to find Happiness. While to some this concept is corny, it is true. Getting there is not easy however. I fell in Love with Trine absolutely fabulous performance that was "Streepesque"!! I have never seen her in anything but her performance was as believable as any I have ever seen. And Brosnan's delivery of his brilliant script as his character's (Phillip) heart is awaken, after meeting for the first time since the loss of his wife, a woman whose soul and zest for life, even when dealing with cancer, is just too hard to ignore. The scene when 'Ida' walks out of the water is one of the most beautifully sexy scenes ever, as she says of the water...."It was fresh!" Trine makes this movie special as her performance ties all the others together. The sub-plot about her daughter's wedding is just that. The real story is how the corny, simple concept of believing in Love in all circumstances is truly the only choice to make. Ida seriously struggles with burdening a perfectly healthy and attractive man with her illness. She tells Phillip to leave and go to Italy without her. In the end, in good ole Corny fashion, Ida chooses Love. Predictable maybe, but this is a film that through one of the best performances I have ever seen by Trine Dyholm, reaches to a much deeper level of what a person being pulled in so many directions at once is feeling. And not always by anything she is saying, but by how she so enchantingly speaks with her multitude of expressions including her instantly addictive smile. My Better half was just as smitten as she said..." I just love her!!" This was one of the top 3 movies I have watched from 2013. And Trine should have been nominated!

Deep S (us) wrote: A must see for all you liberals

Julie G (ca) wrote: I am one of the fortunate women who has had the luck of experiencing this Drug called Herceptin, I jumped at the chance of seeing this movie. I am now twice as sure that I will be one of the lucky ones to benefit from this "Miracle" Drug. Thank you Dr. Slamon from the bottom of my Heart. May God Bless You.

Samantha T (de) wrote: Really interesting to see the gritty sex club footage. The interviews of the people can be really humorous especially the buffet table discussion. Chickens are very prevalent.

Wijgert I (ru) wrote: Terrible movie, had to wait for 1,5 hours to get confirmation on what we all think from the beginning... the sister is the killer. Weak plot, not a surprising story and bad acting.

Scott W (fr) wrote: MESSED UP!!! Think of any taboo you can come up with, and it's probably been covered here. This script is INSANE. Some fairly wooden acting is overcome by very interesting direction and a cute/likable lead. Watch at your own risk. Or make it a drinking game for every moment that one of the 7 deadly sins is violated. Your call.

Fong K (us) wrote: viewed on 9/9/04 (Thurs)I felt very uneasy watching this documentary. Even as I sneered at some of the things the film buffs did and said, I was cautioning myself never to reach that very pathetic state. One film buff will bring along a bag whenever he goes to the movies, like the one you will carry around when you bring a baby out. In his bag, he shows us he has sweaters, cold tablets (for the cold air-conditioning) and vitamin pills (he will not have time to eat). Eating. Yes, another film buff even goes to the extent to cut off vegetables and fruits in his diet because they will make them go the the toilet more often during the movies. He is also the one that if you eat in the cinema, he will throw your food out. He is also the one who owns a cellphone so that he can call the booth if the movie doesn't play well. In this way, he will not miss any part of the movie and yet things can be fixed. There is Roberta. She is the only female and the weirdest too. Outrageously weird. She will go around to collect flyers and schedules of any kind of movies. And she will pack like five copies each into her plastic bag. By the way, every film buff here carries a plastic bag. She attacks a female usher once because she tore her ticket stub. She was barred from entering the cinema at the museum. In trying to bluff the staff, she put on a wig and thick makeup and when she was exposed she was utterly shocked that they could see through her disguise. Now, this is told in the interview with the usher. She added that Roberta must have learnt this from some movie and simple-mindedly thinks that it would work. She was exposed, she just couldn't relate back to reality. More to come. Take a look at her apartment. She collects any movie memorabilia, including LAST ACTION HERO and JURASSIC PARK drink cups. You can see no light at all in her apartment because every space available, and I mean every space, is packed with memorabilia. I realise that if I go on, I am telling you the whole movie. Every minute, I would see or hear something so laughably appalling that throughout the movie I watched on with absolute disgusted awe. My jaws just dropped, literally. I have mixed feelings for these people. We share undeniably the common interest and we all both crazy over movies. I can feel that when they talk about movies. But on the other hand, I do not want to be linked to them. I surely do not want to turn out to be one of them. Now I am not saying this with a guffaw but somehow with some worry. I never feel very proud to tell others I like going to the movies. The first thing that comes to their minds is a nerdy escapist. I love movies but I want a life too. The documentary is not badly done really. The subjects are very captivating themselves. I dislike them and I know it is not fair but the rating is more for them.Rating: CExpected Rating: B

Magnus S (br) wrote: A brutal and tense film about love, betrayal and revenge.

ChillinDylan G (au) wrote: When you are high, this is a really funny movie. When you are sober it's not very good.Grade = 5/10

Tutti D (nl) wrote: I actually found this too morose. Probably because I feel there's not enough of a story to hold on to. Didn't feel very focused either. Still worth watching of course and I could see how others could really enjoy it.

Bill T (gb) wrote: Great, ambitious (maybe a bit too much) and certainly ahead-of-it's time study of a man who must take Cortezone or be dead within a year. Problem is, is that the drug has some side effects, causes addiction, and mainly causes him to become horribly erratic, much to the chagrin of his wife and son. Mason gives it his all in this, and it's quite a powerful performance, and Barbara Rush quite nicely matches up to him. Maybe I'm stupid, but I've never heard of Ms. Rush before this, but she certainly is terrific. Always interesting to see nicks and dents in the 50's way of life (fans of Far From Heaven should dig this movie), and, although uneven in places (It almost turns into a horror movie in the end) has plenty to reccomend people to.

rick r (kr) wrote: Michael S.Ojeda's "Avenged" is a post-modern battle cry against the monstrosity of bigotry. The film blends elements of exploitation-revenge horror with classic, supernatural-action. "Avenged" stars Ronnie Gene Blevins, Rodney Rowland, Willow Hale, and Peter Sherayko in a nightmarish tale that sees a young deaf woman crossing paths with some of the worst humanity has to offer. Witness to the brutal murder of two Apache men, Zoe is abducted, raped and left for dead. But the supernatural power to be avenged reaches beyond this reality exact primitive justice on the men who did this to her. "Avenged" can best be described as "I Spit On Your Grave meets The Crow". The story that Ojeda has created around this supernatural transformation of a sexual assault victim is powerful, compelling, and emotional. "Avenged" becomes a complex multilayered story with characters rich in dimension. From the beginning I felt the fear rise in me for what was to happen to Zoe-that just on the exploitation-revenge horror side of this story which dominates the first piece to this story. I also hated the notion that the GTO was gonna be brutalized, luckily that didn't happen. However "Avenged" is filled with cruelty, brutality, grittiness and blatant sadism. The acting and directing are quality. Michael S. Ojeda is a true talent with the gift of telling a really high-octane, and twisted story. The characters and situations are emotionally driven and effectively pull on you to feel and relate to both the horrors of man and the suffering of humanity. As "Avenged" gets into the crux of this supernatural-revenge legend-and legend is what Zoe is-some of that "human touch" gets lost in the intensity of the action and gore that permeate through the film. It isn't really a bad thing, "Avenged" morphs into a major action driven, splatterfest of thrills. The special effects are pretty awesome. Some moments seem to fall a bit flat when it comes to realism, but for the most part "Avenged" will excite any gore, and blood thirsty horror fan. There is some CGI mixed in but Ojeda seems to have an understanding of what is a healthy balance of its use. The CGI is blended effortlessly in most of the violence-rich scenes. A couple of times it looks kind of The Asylum-ish, but honestly there is so much visceral, raw carnage that uses practical effects that the CGI is more than embraceable by the "Purist" horror fans. Overall "Avenged" is a worthy supernatural-exploitation mashup that entertains on pretty much every horror level.