Efectos secundarios

Efectos secundarios

At 18, fresh from high school, Marina, Ignacio, Adam and Mimi, school mates bonded by fate, shared a dream about adult life, a dream of fame, success, perfect skin and that one endless, true love that, surely, was waiting just around the corner for each one of them. But 30's arrived, and none of the sweet promises of youth was fulfilled. Alone, failed and frustrated, all four are forced to stop and look around to try to understand where it all went wrong, and find an emergency fix for their lives, before it's too late, and happiness escapes through their fingers forever. Secondary Effects is the bitter coming of age comedy that follows their steps in the search for lost dreams, lost hair and good sex, at least, if true love turns out to be a mirage.

A comedy about four young adults adrift in Mexico City. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ercides R (de) wrote: Filme no padrao disney, com tudo bonitinho mas sem emocao. Assisti hoje em 3D totalmente dispensavel por sinal. A dreamworks ultimamente produz desenhos muito superiores.

Douglas Edward C (ru) wrote: Great concept for a movie. If you like this theme, watch Guys and Balls, it's a better version of this theme, though still not top notch. Not much to say about this movie, kinda drab, ground breaking at the time but boring in plot, story and acting.

Henry P (fr) wrote: comica, entretenida, diferente

Shane H (br) wrote: I saw the preview for this at the beginning of a Zooey Dechanel movie. I had high hopes for this movie and it is entertaining but I just couldn't get into it. I turned it off about halfway through.

Sasho M (br) wrote: predictable romantic\dramatic comedy. the story line was good and the acting was decent but it seems all too familiar. a gopd one to watch when you need a break from your usual routine.

Jeff R (it) wrote: The Late John Candy shows his dramatic side in some scenes, great film by the way.

William M (nl) wrote: is it me or is it Pam Grier that makes me wanna see this

Mitchell W (ru) wrote: Arguably his most accomplished French film next to "Zazie dans le m (C)tro," but it feels terribly manipulative in retrospect.

Allan C (ag) wrote: James Garner is a WWII frogman sent by submarine to to secretly infiltrate a Japanese island base and photograph their secret codebook. Though the title would make you think this is a submarine picture, and much of the film takes place on a submarine, it's really more of a WWII espionage story, with the submarine crew drama just as easily could have been taking place on a navy battleship. Not al that exciting or suspenseful, but I do like James Garner and the film does feature the film debut of the great Warren Oats, so I suppose it was worth watching.

Grant S (ru) wrote: Great WW1 drama.The story of the making of an American military legend. A quiet, unassuming man becomes a hero on the battlefields of World War 1.My first reaction was that the plot was a bit far-fetched, then I discovered that it was a true story! Pretty amazing stuff. Takes a while to get going though, and the dialogue can be irritatingly folksy, and these detract from what is otherwise a good movie. Once it gets going though, it is well worth the watch.Gary Cooper gives a superb performance in the lead role, well deserving his Best Actor Oscar. I actually can't imagine anyone else in the role, it is so perfect for him.

Jamie C (jp) wrote: A little different than I expected, But the film has its good parts, (Mainly its action) and its bad parts too, I wanted a little more from the film as it got a little disappointing at the end.