For Sebastian Silverberg life is all about his appearance, partying and his enormous ego. Things are going smoothly when an accident leaves him blind, forcing him to re-evaluate his life and to seek meaning beyond appearances.

For 25-year-old Sebastian it is all about surface and appearance. Life is full of party, money and one-night stands. He has never challenged himself, whether it be his dream of a music career or maybe, especially true love. When everything is at its best in his superficial life he has an accident that leads to him becoming blind. A whole world closes, or rather opens up. When he sees everything in black, he meets Mia, a personal assistant. A girl he normally would not pay any attention to. She becomes the first to successfully open his eyes to what is important in life. But when Sebastian discovers that Mia is not who he expected superficiality gets an entirely different meaning. EGO is a romantic comedy drama about vanity, love, sex, and that things are not always as they seems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leonard D (mx) wrote: Will Smith delivers a strong performance, and the zombies/vampires were terrifying to watch! Only wish that they left in the original ending of this film.

Jordy N (br) wrote: It's a shame that Danny Boyle doesn't do si-fi anymore because this is a great movie

Meea Lobsterman (mx) wrote: It is no "bullet-shit" that the enthralling independent film "American Gun" does fire major points on the American gun control issue within its intertwining plot. However, it is also no "bullet-shit" that "American Gun" did misfire with one of its story lines. A la "Crash", "American Gun" includes various characters within several story lines that focus on a controversial social issue. What struck me about "Crash" was its creative precision to detail on how the social issue (in 'Crash"- racism) all interconnected. In "American Gun" there are separate situations that are "bullet-proof", but hold no fundamental connective qualities on the gun control issue. Here are my on-target shots of "American Gun": 1) On target: Marcia Gay Harden was mesmerizing as a mother of a fallen youth assailant who murdered several students and teachers in school grounds three years ago. Her story focuses on how she combatively tries to overcome the tragedy , and her challenge to supersede the pain by avidly trying to support her other son. 2) On target: Forest Whitaker's captivating performance as a high school principal who is dealt with the challenge of a youth gun control problem at the school he pilots. In other words, "Run, Forest, Run" before your students run the asylum well-armed. 3) On target: Tony Goldwyn's golden acting duty portraying a police officer who is guilt-ridden that he could not be more proactive in preventing the aforementioned school violence tragedy. 4) On target: Novice Writer-Director Aric Avelino's film-making & screen writing machinery efforts in the School Gun Control and the Grieving Mother/Remorseful Officer story lines. Here are the misfires of "American Gun": 1) Misfire: Donald Sutherland's phlegmatic performance as a gun owner who tries to connect with his alienated granddaughter. 2) Misfire: The aforementioned storyline which had no relevance or impact to the American gun control issue. In other words, it had me gunning for more. OK, that's it! I am a gunner , I mean "goner" with this one! *** Average

Anthony S (fr) wrote: Great performances, but it was missing tension and suspense. ***/****

Moe R (nl) wrote: Old school Janet Jackson, before she really annoyed me in general. However, this film I can pass.

Harrison W (us) wrote: Expected a little bit more, but I think a lot of that is just built-up expectations. Really enjoyed it though.

Mariane A (us) wrote: Best Mafia movie ever in life!! <3

Kelly P (nl) wrote: hey its got robin williams in it

Reece L (jp) wrote: The film starts out painting an idealistic picture of what America ought to be, an image repeatedly pontificated by the young and starry-eyed Mr. Smith, and then proceeds to show the rot under that glittering, gilded varnish defined by corrupt, fat-cat politicians more concerned with lining their pocketbooks, retaining power through re-election, and lining up job opportunities with major corporations after their stint in Washington has run its course than the ethical representation of the American people. Although it can be argued that the film is ultimately rooted in naivety, the hopeful call for the cyclical occurrence of generational improvement and an upheaval of crookedness is not only terrifyingly relevant in today's current political climate, it's incredibly affecting. After all, what 's more American than the quest for progress in the face of systemic, cynical stagnation and oppressive turpitude of a money-hungry establishment? These ideas are communicated through a witty script, wonderful performances, and an infectious belief in a better future that makes "Mr. Smith" an American classic.

Logan O (br) wrote: At first I was like this movie is really boring but trust me by the end you'll want to rewatch it. I loved how it wasn't constant blood and death and shooting like some hood movie that seem to be falsely portrayed although slow it really show the radical and non radical struggles of boys b the hood and trying to be accepted in both upper and lower classes on society. A must watch film.

Ryan S (jp) wrote: 4/5. It's a really fun movie that is vastly superior to the 3rd film. It's silly, but very entertaining.

mark d (ag) wrote: The film appeared on many critics' top 10 lists of the best films of 2007.[4] 1st - Carina Chocano, Los Angeles Times (tied with The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) 3rd - Ella Taylor, LA Weekly (tied with Away from Her) 3rd - Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter 5th - David Edelstein, New York magazine 5th - Marjorie Baumgarten, The Austin Chronicle 6th - Lawrence Toppman, The Charlotte Observer 7th - Kirk Honeycutt, The Hollywood Reporter 7th - Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle 7th - Richard Schickel, TIME magazine 8th - Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter 8th - Nathan Rabin, The A.V. Club 8th - Ray Bennett, The Hollywood Reporter 9th - A. O. Scott, The New York Times (tied with Away from Her) 10th - Carrie Rickey, The Philadelphia Inquirer 10th - Manohla Dargis, The New York Times (7-way tie)Awards and nominations 80th Academy Awards Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role (Laura Linney) Original Screenplay (Tamara Jenkins) Central Ohio Film Critics Association Awards Actor of the Year (Philip Seymour Hoffman) -- WON (Also for: Before the Devil Knows You're Dead and Charlie Wilson's War) Chicago Film Critics Association Awards Best Actress (Laura Linney) Best Screenplay, Original (Tamara Jenkins) 65th Golden Globe Awards Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy (Philip Seymour Hoffman) Gotham Awards Best Ensemble Cast (Philip Bosco, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Laura Linney) Independent Spirit Awards Best Cinematography (W. Mott Hupfel III) Best Director (Tamara Jenkins) Best Male Lead (Philip Seymour Hoffman) -- WON Best Screenplay (Tamara Jenkins) -- WON London Critics Circle Film Awards Actress of the Year (Laura Linney) Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards Best Screenplay (Tamara Jenkins) -- WON National Society of Film Critics Awards Best Screenplay (Tamara Jenkins) -- WON Nilsson Awards for Film Best Picture Best Actor in a Leading Role (Philip Seymour Hoffman) Best Actress in a Leading Role (Laura Linney) Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Philip Bosco) Best Original Screenplay (Tamara Jenkins) Best Cast Best Original Score Online Film Critics Society Awards Best Actress (Laura Linney) San Francisco Film Critics Circle Awards Best Screenplay - Original (Tamara Jenkins) -- WON Satellite Awards Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama (Laura Linney) Women Film Critics Circle Awards Best Actress (Laura Linney) -- WON Writers Guild of America Awards Best Original Screenplay (Tamara Jenkins)