Egoli: My South African Home Movie

Egoli: My South African Home Movie


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Egoli: My South African Home Movie torrent reviews

Ryan H (kr) wrote: Soundtrack? Great! Acting? Pretty good! Movie? Umm....It's something!

Rob L (it) wrote: This is one of the strangest movies I've ever seen. It was majorly over the top, mildy entertaining. It had a lot more potential and could have been better with a better script though.

Michael M (jp) wrote: Has to be up there as one of my all time favourite comedies.

Ken S (jp) wrote: A lot of good shtick.

Timm S (ru) wrote: Has Some Decent ( Slapstick) Laughs, But Isn't Consistent. Very Hit & Miss.

Ian W (br) wrote: I have to say this was not as bad as I thought it would be. With solid performances throughout and a great performance from Pierce Brosnan this romantic comedy has more going for it than most where it counts.

Jan K (br) wrote: Ytterligare en stark rulle frn gamle Griffith.

Christopher C (ca) wrote: This is actually a much better movie than I see a lot of people giving it credit for. This is a fun B-movie with really clever use of practical effects and miniatures, combined with clever camera work and editing. The story is basic but fun, with some interesting if subtle character arches, such as that between Svet and Big G, that play out through the entirety of the film. I think once the hipster crowed is done being better than this film, retro punks and young horror fans alike will form fond memories of group movie nights over popcorn and Harbinger Down. I look forward to what studioADI comes up with next.

Scott J (ca) wrote: Pretty good, despite the occasionally predictable twists.