Eight on the Lam

Eight on the Lam

Bank teller and widower with seven kids, Bob Hope finds $10,000 in a parking lot.

Bank teller and widower with seven kids, Bob Hope finds $10,000 in a parking lot. His luck quickly changes when it's discovered that his bank discovers a substantial money shortage in their... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Eight on the Lam torrent reviews

Jan S (ru) wrote: Shows that a man of god ist still just a man.

Yvan C (it) wrote: Connaissant le manga et l'appr (C)ciant au plus au point par son dessin et son histoire simple mais qui touche tout le publique ayant la trentaine avec un peu de vie derrire soit. Cette adaptation la sauce franaise et trs respectueuse du mat (C)riau original et transmet ce sentiment de nostalgie et aussi de tristesse et d'angoisse que ressent le pre de famille de retour dans son enfance un moment cl (C) de sa vie. Trs sympathique mais comme le manga, ne plaira pas tous car trop ... peut-tre simple au premier abord seulement.

Adam R (au) wrote: (First viewing - Late 2005 in theaters)

neil L (kr) wrote: A psycho takes revenge on his doctor. Not horrible

Ben T (nl) wrote: I love horror films XD

Lady D (fr) wrote: It leaves you wanting more.

Aline C (gb) wrote: Sem clichs, um filme autntico e sensvel sobre sexualidade na adolescncia.

Evan H (ru) wrote: One of the best gay movies ever! Russell Crowe is faboulous as Jeff. Jack Thompson is also faboulous as Harry (Jeff's father.) I like how they both narrate the movie by talking directly to the camera. It gives it a stagey, yet comical feel to the movie!

James M (it) wrote: I quite liked it but will have to write a more in-depth review after I've seen the original French comedy (Boudu Sauve des Eaux)

Pavan R (ca) wrote: Would give it 10 stars if i could...one of the best comedy movies ever made...the cast is superb and storyline is hilariously simple....

Adam B (us) wrote: This just just one of those head-shaking late 50s scifi clasics, about teenagers from another planet, and they outwit adults. Ha, the worst fears of adult men come to pass!

Courtney D (mx) wrote: Excellent modern dysfunctional love story with a cast that really delivers. I laughed, I cried, and it has a high replay value.

Tor M (de) wrote: I did not see the whole film, I missed out on the first 15 and lost bits here and there but I feel I got the grip of it. Ok story with a half creepy mood. The nanny has such a great psycho look, she gives me the creeps even without great amounts of makeup or effects. As for the film it's a bit typical and never hard to figure.A semi creepy thriller that does as it shuld, but nothing more.5 out of 10 greenhouses.

Kevin M (nl) wrote: a lot of fun. a perfect companion to one of my favorite tv series' CASTLE.