Eighteen Year Olds

Eighteen Year Olds

Love and jealousy in a female public school. Most of the co-eds are in love with professor La Rovere. One, Anna, accuses Maria to have an affair with him.

Love and jealousy in a female public school. Most of the co-eds are in love with professor La Rovere. One, Anna, accuses Maria to have an affair with him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicholas G (nl) wrote: The characters and story drive the action in this movie. The reasons why so any blockbusters are SHIT is because they only focus on shooting beautiful actions sequences in which the characters are just an afterthought.

Stuart M (fr) wrote: Not the Spielberg film it wanted to be, but the first hour and a half comes close to capturing some of that magic. Ending is lame though. And the monster has echoes of Cloverfield.

Michelle R (nl) wrote: This movie was amazing its a great movie to watch!

Angel R (gb) wrote: Good and funny movie to watch. Enjoy with the whole family.

Errick S (mx) wrote: A decent Cage movie from his younger years.

WS W (gb) wrote: I realize this might be a provocative film then when AIDS became a social concern end-80s/early-90s last century. To value it simply as a film-work, cliched but true, like any other small budget/scale production, it had had points but just delivered in a very crude way. The ending scene, though, precisely wrapped up.

Todd P (fr) wrote: After hearing for some 20+ years about how this one was one of the worst films ever made, I finally saw it. It isn't very good -- as stated by others, Madonna IS terrible; the plot is nonsensical; Sean Penn is still in Spicoli mode while trying to act like a two-bit con artist; and the last 20 minutes or so are genuinely awful. But (Madonna's "acting" aside), its worst flaw during the first hour is just that it's boring. All of that said, I've seen MUCH worse and it's not as bad as its reputation. Plus you get to hear some OK George Harrison musical noodling.

Casey P (ag) wrote: never feed it after dark, gotta treat it like a gremlin this is low key a Christmas movie

Jack G (us) wrote: And the moral of the story is... the 1890s were Not that kind for love and marriage. basically, if you were a man decided to take a woman as your own, even if the women didn't love the man, that was basically 'marriage' without it being real - and God help the woman if she actually wanted to get married to someone else who loved her back. no, 'not that kind' doesn't cut it. fucked was more like it.visually arresting (via the late 2001 DP Unsworth), an utterly compelling breakthrough in the lady Kinski... occasionally quite dry, but made up for by the passions (shown or shoved under the rug) of the characters.

Sarah C (es) wrote: It stars a young and sexy Meat Loaf. That's really all that matters.

John T (us) wrote: Friends enter Mexico to get their friend back and end up in a crazy adventure fighting the drug cartel. It was funny-ish.

Neil O (fr) wrote: Unusual early Hammer sci-fi which arrived hot on the tails of their success with Quatermass and Curse of Frankenstein. Good special effects combine with some great character performances from the usual suspects and the American imports.

Tony W (jp) wrote: It's one of those movies that feels like it was written 15 years before it was made, then 'updated' just before cameras rolled. The producers may have tried to make this appeal to a wide audience, but it's really geared towards people over 60. the jokes are stale, the characters are across the board stock, and the acting is either too much or too little.The ending is simply rubbish. Avoid this one.