Ein ganz gewöhnlicher Jude

Ein ganz gewöhnlicher Jude


What does being a Jew mean nowadays? Emanuel Goldfarb, a Jewish journalist, is asked by the Director of a Jewish community in Germany, to respond to an invitation by a professor to tell his pupils about his life as a Jew living in Germany. This conversation, performed by Goldfarb and the Director of the community, is the only scene of Oliver Hirschbiegel's film « Ein ganz gewohnlicher Jude » presented at the Film and Television Festival of Genève, which was shot outdoors and it's the only moment where something apparently happens. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eliabeth R (ru) wrote: Una muy interesante pelcula (id:a, identidad annima) una mujer que despierta en un ro sin saber quien es ni porque estaba ah, con una bolsa de dinero, buscando su identidad se da cuenta de que su vida no era como crea, bastante inusual el tema, recomendable

James W (us) wrote: I bought this movie because I felt like going for something different, plus the Blu-Ray case looked cool in lenticular style, and it was 10 well spent. Breathtaking excitement from start to finish, and I use that phrase a lot but I mean it. Bigger, faster and more daring, D13: Ultimatum delivers more fight sequences, more mental free running and twice the action than the first film.

Amanda H (br) wrote: As these After Dark movies go, this one is pretty good. Cheesy, sure, but that's to be expected. The plot was relatively strong and kept me interested. A nice change from the other After Dark movies I've put myself through lately.

NotDave S (us) wrote: The overall tone of the movie was more depressing than I expected and it ended a bit too soon. But the art direction was amazing, the lead character Marjane was charming, and it was fascinating to watch her perspective of the Islamic Revolution unfold. This being a true story only makes it even better.

Simone S (nl) wrote: OMFG...jeeez what a waste of my time. I expected a little more this then the crap I just watched. I didn't expect a master piece because anything involving Sid Haig isn't great, but wow...this was just bad. Liked the premise of it all, but the overall executing was just bad. It had potential but I think they just screwed it all up...

Mavrinac D (br) wrote: The movie is made purely for Ed Wood fans...

Olly H (nl) wrote: konventioneller thriller der durch seine hauptdarsteller aus der masse hervorsticht

Nandi C (de) wrote: Great film, great score. Boy meets girl, but of course there is some obstacles to the prize. bottom line.

Scott S (jp) wrote: One of my very favorite movies. I feel it expanded upon the first by having Tim Curry and the hotel shenanigans as well. I have no idea what the top critics are on, labeling it as rotten. I think from now on, on the audience review will be taken seriously by me and I will ignore the critics.

Kelly T (au) wrote: An excellent movie if you're a thirteen-year-old boy.

Jamal P (mx) wrote: The money used to make this "movie" could have been used to help starving children in Africa