Eine ganz heiße Nummer

Eine ganz heiße Nummer

When their little supermarket is threatened by bankruptcy, three shop assistants in rural Bavaria start their own phone sex line.

When their little supermarket is threatened by bankruptcy, three shop assistants in rural Bavaria start their own phone sex line. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stig S (it) wrote: cool dancing scenes, but nothin more.

Tsubaki S (jp) wrote: EL EJECUTOR EJECUTA!

Newton W (ag) wrote: I know McDull and all his friends look cute, but this is not a cute movie. The emotions and sentiment is definitely geared towards adults. However, you do have to be a Hong Konger to understand the movie.

James H (fr) wrote: This film just doesn't work, it's too slow moving for one, too weird and it's generally on the stupid side. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Kathy Bates both try and do a good job but it's not enough to save the film.

Bernie F (au) wrote: There was really good funny parts and the olde woman was brill

WS W (de) wrote: Putting the 'biopic' aside for a minute, the film is indeed a lot more interesting than it looks to be. Only, the sisterhood depiction still remains superficial- first, because there were actually not much interaction between the sisters; second, the little actresses playing their childhood were just not good enough. The impact anticipated thus was weakened quite a bit. Nevertheless, Emily Watson was just good.

BRUNO V (ru) wrote: Not Scary at all , but worth watching More a funny , crazy , stupid story The Teeth 1 star The Hands 2 stars The Nose came to late

Robyn M (it) wrote: "Courage Under Fire" is perhaps the best illustration of how flexible and adaptive actors like Denzel Washington are. What makes "Courage Under Fire" impressive is not so much its plot or storyline (which is somewhat inconsistent), but its portrayal of a lone officer torn between personal conscience and duty. Denzel's overweight build and alcoholic demeanor create the highly credible image of a man barely attached to his life. Basically the story of a budding Army officer re-assigned to administrative duties following a Desert Storm friendly fire incident, "Courage Under Fire" submerges the viewer into pure emotional hell as it progresses

Ian C (au) wrote: This really could have been a classic. An aerobics instructor gets possessed by the spirit of a Ninja. Instead it just serves up all the usual Ninja stuff. The highlight for me was the attempt exorcism.

Shawn S (fr) wrote: What an upset to this series!!!! so sad!

Logan M (au) wrote: "Knowing" starts out with an astounding premise that ultimately falls apart due to the plot's frantic and absurd final half-hour and senseless twist ending.