A look at the relationship between renowned scientist Albert Einstein and his first wife, Mileva Maric.

A look at the relationship between renowned scientist Albert Einstein and his first wife, Mileva Maric. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Esther L (jp) wrote: I really like multi-domain military relationships, all thanks to FMA, which I found shared some similarities with this movie, especially in the tragedy department. There were parts which I found were so similar that I could have thought that the scriptwriter borrowed ideas directly from FMA that it restrained me from tearing. Watching scenes from FMA in a live action movie brings back the nostalgia.

Julien H (nl) wrote: Bof bof... A oublier. Gad elmaleh n'est peut etre pas fait pour le cinema.

Natalie K (de) wrote: It had potential, but in the end it just wasn't that great.

April C (de) wrote: I love this film. It's really worth watching(visually amazing to look at, good story, very good performances from the actors). I love Cassandra Mortmain and how Romola Garai performed in this movie. Henry Cavill is gorgeous. :)

Crystal B (br) wrote: This movie suuucks. I can't even remember anything good that came out of this. Lindsay blows.

Daniel O (de) wrote: Full disclosure: I do not watch a lot of anime and am not really familiar with Japanese mythology.A storyline that made me feel both sad and uncomfortable. Characters that I connected with but also feared. A unique 2D drawing style intermingled with what seemed like 3D modeling. Vibrant and appropriately selected either way. Dynamic scenes had some sort of flow to them so the movie never felt static. Overall, this film felt like a distant dream I had on LSD that resonated through my bones and tingled every emotional thread I have. I can't say I loved the movie, but I did love everything it had to offer.

Leith R (gb) wrote: I'm a bit shocked this isn't a cult classic. I get the critics panning it (though American Pie gets almost 60% to 10 here? How is that anything other than more generic and less witty than this movie? Oh, nevermind.) Maybe I'm just wrong. It's subversive, casually raunchy, and there's an acapella version of I Saw the Sign in it. The main cast is great, Schartzman plays vainglorious creep perfectly, Segel gets to be much more caustic and less straight-man than in his TV career, and I can only assume this is why Jim Rash got his part on Community. The girls don't get a lot of good laughs, but then what's new with that. It does have a lot of your standard college movie in it - guy wants girl, guy loses girl, guy gets girl - but the trimmings on that tree are fantastic; the throw-away lines alone (Europass?) make this movie stand out to me. The pacing is quick and the humor is rattled out like tickets on a ski-ball machine whether you cash them in or not. I can only assume most people don't. Gotta uprate it to cancel out the haters.

Aerick D (it) wrote: This is like a perfectly twisted fairy tale veiled in mysterious fog with wondrous colors and images. This will always rank up there amongst my favorite movies!!

Brandon O (br) wrote: This movie was really freaky.

Grant S (au) wrote: The story of two British athletes, Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams, their determination to succeed and how their faith and convictions sustain them. It will all come to a head at the 1924 Olympics in Paris.Decent, but not brilliant. Story is fine but not really astonishing or that profound, unless this is the first time you've ever heard of someone remaining true to their faith and convictions. Really only memorable for the running on the beach scene, with the anthemic Vangelis theme playing over it.Won the Best Picture at the 1982 Oscars. Was a fairly weak year, as other nominees included Reds, On Golden Pond and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Harry E (ca) wrote: Oh, my. You need to see this one to believe it. It starts off as just a really mediocre gangster comedy in which Jackie Gleason gets into prison to bump off a snitch, but things go completely bonkers when he accidentally takes LSD. His hallucinations include Mickey Rooney dancing and Groucho Marx's head on a rotating screw. The rest of the people in the prison - including Burgess Meredith, Frank Gorshin ('I'm seeing an angel! I am an angel!'), Slim Pickens, Jaws from the James Bond movies, and Peter Lawford - follow Gleason's example and wind up inadvertently tripping balls themselves; dancing garbage cans, naked football players, and general mayhem ensue. Throw in a bunch of hippies, Carol Channing (in an old-timey general's uniform and a platinum-blond wig) singing the title song, and Groucho (in his final role, donning that greasepaint mustache once again) as the mob boss who ultimately sails off into bliss (the sails on the boat read 'Peace' and 'Love') smoking pot with Austin Pendleton while they wear hippie robes, and you've got this astonishingly odd mess of a movie. Harry Nilsson sings the end credits (and I mean that quite literally). I don't know how the hell Otto Preminger made this movie; I guess it had something to do with him dropping acid during production. (Groucho took LSD as well.) It's really something else to watch all these well-known figures trying to be hip and groovy. Wow. Those were the days.

Dylan W (kr) wrote: A good movie about bad people. I love the early criminal Bogart. He was convincing as a racist asshole. See this movie.

Nik M (es) wrote: What could have easily been a dull, plotless topic ends up being a well-acted, shot, and paced film that includes some challenges to your perspective. It requires a closer look into the visual language that has been expertly caught by Deakins.

Hli L (ag) wrote: Thank you Alexander Payne, I could gush about a million perfect things in this movie but mostly it made me happy because it is so rare to see this many veteran actors on the big screen. What a fantastic collection of characters and how refreshing to find beauty in wrinkles and wisdom in simplicity. Bravo!

Brian S (nl) wrote: An excellent masterpiece of animal horror cinematography. The movie is a perfect blend of horror and comedy, with a nice reference to the classic creature features of the 50's, set in the desert. Starring Kevin Bacon, he's a major reason to see the movie. Good acting and a nice desert atmosphere and just very entertaining. Very Recommendd !!