Einsteins Baby

Einsteins Baby

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Alex Z (fr) wrote: A simple story that slowly builds intensity and evolves into something unique. A dark and moody but very enjoyable film overall. I'm glad a friend recommended.4 out of 5 stats.

Bill R (au) wrote: i know they made this quick and cheap just so they can keep the righta but come on. they took the first movie, chopped it up, threw a new setting and then stuck shitty actors everywhere. the good thing was the gore for the budget they recieved for it though. the other thing, i dont blame Bradley not reprising his role for but the guy who did just played a generic copycat with no energy at all to it. at least Bradleys pinhead had character. skip all together i say.

Adriano B (br) wrote: Interesting, but more interesting than moving: ends a bit too brainy to leave something for your hearth... Still, a pretty unique view on Brazil from Far East.

Trailblaingjack (au) wrote: This is nothing like the book, so just be warned, but I enjoyed the movie very much! When a mysterious Dog ends up in his truck, young travis takes him only to find that his new pet is very intelligent, and just escaped from a lab, and is now being hunted by another lab escapee... Very well done, and I recommend the book!

Alex B (br) wrote: Sex, death, and money. An old, aristocratic libertine vs. a repressed/oppressed, innocent, beautiful young woman. The former corrupts the latter, and the latter makes a fool of the former. And then he inherits a fortune, and she gets a leg amputated, and they get married! Clearly, a society that deserves to be overthrown by revolution!

Gary C (de) wrote: Ealing War Time propaganda Movie.Leslie Banks was superb fifth columnist.Catch this restored new print at the BFIthis July.

Matthew B (nl) wrote: Disney's Dumbo is a wonderful and yet beautifully executed movie thats filled with emotional scenes that still gets to me today. This is Disney at it's best.

Karen H (ru) wrote: 2016-01-16 lots of science fails, implausible, stereotypical characters.

John R (kr) wrote: Some neat sex scenes. Not a bad story...didn't find it great either.

Devin G (ca) wrote: Cinematic drugs. Sends you on a trip through almost every emotion known to man, and even some yet to be named. You will be able to hear colors after this experience.

Juan Diego L (gb) wrote: Me gusta mas que las dos primeras, porque esta vez si siento una aventura, ms interesante, se enfocan en los personajes que quiero ver, y est mejor dirigida, las tomas son ms cuidadosas y elegantes, pero an as hay partes que no causan emocin.

Christopher G (mx) wrote: See it for Ed Harris' breakout performance

Ryan K (br) wrote: Not sure which is worse, the CGI or the acting.