Every year, the ebb and flow of the Ganges floodplain leaves farmers in northern Bangladesh in need of employment to help them survive the yearly droughts. Many of them travel hundreds of miles south to the shores of Chittagong to labor in one of Bangladesh's most prosperous industries, dismantling colossal ships and tankers— the discards of the developed world—for scrap iron. - Neela Banerjee . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Eisenfresser torrent reviews

Arthur P (au) wrote: A very long prologue into a future-distant lab-rat experiment prison with interesting-short clever technology that's like a genetic time machine into one's spiritual ancestral past, but the boring prison architectural gloomy one-color design and single-enemy prisonguards just couldn't keep my interest meter high on my unfortunately it's non4K 1080p 2013 model PH6700 plasma LG TV ::

Megan T (ru) wrote: Very vintage in film directing and style. Very spy noir.

Tom K (fr) wrote: Worst movie all time. Any one associated with the making of this movie should be ashamed. Horrible. Terrible. What a piece of shat.

Tim U (it) wrote: great scares. the horror is fantastic, but just another piece of found footage meat. you have to be in the mood, and it does drag a bit. getting lost at times...

Grant S (nl) wrote: OK, but not great. Pacing is a bit off - drags for long periods, then suddenly speeds up. Also not entirely compelling, feeling like the whole movie is just going through the motions. Interesting enough, though.Good performance from Al Pacino as Phil Spector. Helen Mirren is OK as his attorney.

Shinta S (kr) wrote: i think would be one of the great movie of the year . . '/

Ali K (br) wrote: With such story, acting, directing, music & factual errors ... this movie will probably be the hugest amount of crap to ever exist in a single place ever!! It's still a good ad campaign for Egypt !!

Mr Teddy (de) wrote: 8/10 It was a dark and stormy night.... Short film..but is more of a good thing then a bad. Director(Kitamura) has a bad habbit in all of his films of building...building some more...build after that...LETS GO CRAZY..nope just kidding..keep building..Till you want them to throw off the gloves and go bat **** allready. Its forgiveabe cause he does such great films otherwise. Great chars .great sets, etc. Pluss their not so heavy handed in this one as a lot of films like it I see.. You can be gloomy and still be edgy.Thing I really liked was the persona of the main villian(?) in the story. Hes WAY wasnt all uber evil... just relaxed, even silly in a way, wanting to get the most out of his guest/victim as he could. The sceene with the hero choising his wepon was priceless. All and all a good film

Johannes G (ca) wrote: It started out good, but went from promising to weird. Maybe I'm being picky but the actors suddenly lost emotion and the music mismatched terribly.

Andr D (mx) wrote: El director Joel Schumacher utiliza un guin convencional para contar una historia de tolerancia en la que un polica homofbico (Robert DeNiro) sufre una embolia y debe recurrir a un travesti (Philip Seymour Hoffman) para recuperar su dignidad. La pelcula pudo haber dado ms si no fuera por la necesidad de incluir las reglas del gnero policaco que entorpece lo realmente interesante, lo cual es la amistad que surge entre los dos protagonistas. Se le reconoce a Schumacher mantener un tono de realismo y crudeza que aleja a "Flawless" de relatos dulzones e ingenuos, pero los actores estn sub-utilizados y los personajes caen en caricaturas.

Matthew S (br) wrote: For Film Theory students only. While this film offers a somewhat interesting glimpse into what would become the rising cinematic genius of the Coen Brothers and the entertaining comic-book style of Sam Raimi - it offers nothing more than that. This film has been newly reissued by Shout Factory. Good luck on trying to sit through this odd sort of homage to The Three Stooges and Looney Tunes cartoons. This early 80's attempt is so bad it almost hurts. It should be noted that Shout Factory has included several bonus features about the film's creation, production and ultimate failure that are quite interesting.

Grant S (mx) wrote: Fairly boring. Decent performance by Roger Daltry though.

Karsh D (us) wrote: The play Macbeth carried out with the art form of samurai. And incredibly powerful it is too. Great stuff

Scott W (br) wrote: Trashy, exploitation horror with amateurish performances and some terrible special effects is strangely charming and with an unspecified style all of its own.

Christina D (kr) wrote: I really loved this movie wish he would make more movies.