Either Way

Either Way

Icelandic drama about two remote road-workers.

Two employees of the Icelandic Road Administration spend the summer painting lines on the winding roads as they both find themselves at a crossroads in their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Either Way torrent reviews

Idan D (ru) wrote: curious about the title itself

Andrea M (ca) wrote: I thought it was very smart and funny. Had some great lines, good plot.

Wrik S (br) wrote: a fairly pleasant and realistic portrayal of the issue of terrorism and how people people get involved in the horrifying act.... the movie had its glitches but they were minor and may be a part of this whole movie's execution, and in all, ended up making something worthwhile to watch...

Mariev R (mx) wrote: Tout simplement rafrachissant ! :)

Ryan B (jp) wrote: I enjoyed this one a lot, lots of laughter and great music to go along with it, the only thing I didn't like about it was the song Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money wasn't in it, that disappointed me. The storyline was very straight forward and ready to follow. Recommended

Jonathan B (ru) wrote: A strange and yet compelling tale of what goes wrong when a young couple invite the boss and his disturbing wife over for dinner....oh and they find a lemming blocking the drain. This movie touches the weird hinterland of story telling favoured by David Lynch and David Cronenberg but unlike many of their tales, doesn't get so bogged down by the surrealism. If you just go with it, it is fascinating, dark and at times, funny. The four principal actors are brilliant and deliver the sparse script with utter conviction. Charlotte Rampling is menacing and chilling as the unhinged Alice Pollock while Charlotte Gainsbourg switches between innocent and seductress with great skill. With elements of supernatural and ghostly possession this is a compelling and interesting movie and I'd like to see more of Dominik Moll's work as a result of watching it.

Jonathan S (mx) wrote: The critical recpetion to this has been too sparse for the consensus to be anywhere near accurate for the merits of this movie. The criticism that has followed it has reviewed it almost entirely in the context of Rocky Horror, or rather the fame of Rocky Horror. What has been constructed here is an elaborate and poingant satire with a great soundtrack, superb set design and ingenious photography. The intellectual stakes are higher than that of Rocky Horror. Whereas Rocky can be enjoyed without the intellectual game - it has an obvious aesthetic hit - Shocky cannot. This is not the fault of the movie itself but the nature of the subject matter - overt sexuality can find a less intellectual platform on which to find brilliance whereas post-modern televisual attitudes to mental health cannot be accessed without some effort. Shock Treatment should not be penalised because you cannot dance to it and throw rice at it as you would a Rocky Horror re-showing.

Luc L (ag) wrote: Comical genius Jerry Lewis is hilarious in this film especially the boxing scene.

Matt M (it) wrote: A member of an important family of kabuki actors, who realises his acting is only praised due to his important name, after falling in love with a lowly wet nurse runs away and tries to make a name for himself. The key element here is the love between the actor and the nurse that conquers all against all odds. There is a majestic feel to the film as Mizoguchi mixes the kabuki tradition with the more universal language of sentimentality, while the way in which he does this through carefully studied distant shots feels like an achievement.

Yavu I (fr) wrote: normal inspirational sports movie, but was well done stayed interested the whole movie

Mark O (nl) wrote: Didn't love it. Didn't hate it either.