Ek Daku Saher Mein

Ek Daku Saher Mein


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Ek Daku Saher Mein torrent reviews

movie fan a (nl) wrote: wot a great movie!! great performances by every1! made me cry at the end of the movie!!

Yeya E (ca) wrote: amo a Gimenez Cacho!!

Conrad M (br) wrote: Kudos to the actors for doing a great job. Unfortunately the characters felt two dimensional, even more so for the Deloach character after he goes through basic training. I think the story could have gone through a couple more rewrites to polish it up a bit before getting it on the screen.

Mc M (ca) wrote: social, drama, spanish

Aaron G (us) wrote: A wonderfully innocent, heartfelt sci-fi flick.

Miss Unique (nl) wrote: got to say this is the best low budget hood moie. it seems so real everytime i watch like im in it

imgonnaget S (fr) wrote: I was sitting in my empty living room late one night after all my family had gone to sleep and I stumbled across this little gem. This beautifully heartfelt and executed depiction of the greatest band in the world lifted my spirits that night and put me in a U2 inflicted coma, and I am just now coming out of it. Rattle and Hum chronicles U2 during 1988 as they transition from their success of their epic masterpiece "Joshua Tree" to recording for the next album "Rattle and Hum", aptly named. It also captures a time when the band is on the backend of their transition from their homeland Ireland to their new home and inspiration for their new album, the United States. The film is wonderfully shot with the majority being in stark black and white. Only during some moments does the viewer experience color photography, brought about by an abrupt transition from grayscale to full color. The cinematography during the interviews, recording sessions, and B roll is given the personal touch through mostly handheld footage while the concert footage implements all the big production toys like cranes, steady cams, and dollies. Each image, if seen on HD, is so sublime and vivid; at times it straddles the line between surrealism and veritas, Hollywood production and documentary. There are many great moments in Rattle and Hum but two stand out to me as being completely jaw dropping. The first is when U2 records, practices, and eventually performs with B.B. King on the song "When Love Came to Town". King's personality is so endearing and subdued, contrasting vigorously with the intense yet always passionate Bono, yet when they perform they mold together seamlessly, creating a kaleidoscope of two different worlds reveling in the power of the blues. The second moment comes during one of the films final songs, "Sunday Bloody Sunday". Bono opens with a love letter to the Irish in America, followed by a somber first half of "Sunday Bloody Sunday". At midway point, the band erupts and Bono starts wailing even more and more. During an interlude, he starts to talk to the audience again, except this time he is enraged: "I am so sick of Irish Americans, who have never visited the homeland in 20 or so years, come up to me talk to me about the revolution". As he goes on, the emotion increases: "I say F*** the revolution... where's the glory in taking a man from his bed at night and shooting him in front of his wife and kids?" After the song is finished, Bono is on the floor, silent and spent. Rattle and Hum is no pioneer in documentary filmmaking, but it doesn't matter. It's wonderfully shot and U2 is simply unstoppable. In short, it is a great find for any U2 fan and worth checking out for anyone else.

Richard P (us) wrote: A very strange but watchable and hypnotic parable on the theme of false prophets.

Sarah (de) wrote: This movies sounds just a bit messed up...

Chris R (gb) wrote: Absolute rubbish. I only watched it because I like John Cusack. Everything from the script to the direction was woeful. Acting was non existent. Its a close call, but i think this film stinks worse than The Scorpion King 3.

Dominique D (ag) wrote: Le film est pas mauvais, mais l'acting est affreux. Ashton Kutcher tente d'imiter Jobs, pas de jouer Jobs.