Ek Hasina Do Diwane

Ek Hasina Do Diwane

A wealthy and educated wife gets physically abused by her husband, but must agree to live with him for 15 days in order to get a divorce.

A wealthy and educated wife gets physically abused by her husband, but must agree to live with him for 15 days in order to get a divorce. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Molly R (gb) wrote: This sequel to Purple Rain is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The story is boring, ridiculous and nearly incoherent. The acting is terrible. I know it is Prince, but even the music isn't very good. It was painful to watch.

Velma S (es) wrote: Classic Witty movie!!!!!

peter h (au) wrote: CULT MOVIE MONTH REVIEW #:024 ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST / DR BUTCHER M.D [1980]: in the wake of Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE, came several other Italian zombie films. One was this film called ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST another gruesome bloodbath with not just Zombies but also Cannibals as well thrown into the mix. When a sadistic person hacks and mutates dead bodies in a hospital in N.Y.C, it turns out the culprit is a member of a Cannibal tribe on some remote island. So it's up to a team of various people to go to the island and figure out why the tribe has appeared in N.Y.C, with the help of a local doctor the group end up on the island question. But when the cannibals start killing the team one by one something even weirder happens Zombies show up and scare the natives away. The Zombies are in fact the failed experiments of the doctor who now decides to use the surviving members of the group in his Frankenstein experiments. OVERALL THOUGHTS; another notorious Italian Zombie bloodbath that borrows stock footage from Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE and in the U.S realise titled DR BUTCHER M.D also uses stock footage from an incomplete zombie film in it's opening credits that no surprises ended up on the U.K Video Nasties list in the 1980's. For a quote unquote zombie film it's interesting to see a Frankenstein type mad scientist, Zombies and Cannibals in the same film. Well what can one say about ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST? It's trashy, banality offensive to most, stock full of gratuitous female nudity, graphic, bloody, gruesome and its pure z-grade exploitation so I can be too hard on it for not liking it. Hell it's got one of the most fucking hilarious ways someone kills a zombie in a movie by using an outboard boat motor to grind a zombies head into a bloody pulp! So what do I give this Z-Grade- Italian- Zombie Exploitation romp? A justifiable 60% I believe.

Jacob G (jp) wrote: More of a detective story than a horror, Scream and Scream Again is a great example of a movie that succeeds on amusing character interactions. These interactions are graciously fueled by an interesting plot (albeit one you don't want to think too hard about) and a neat manchase.The movie gets dragged down, though, with some unfortunate (and confusing) political scenes that add nothing worthwhile to the plot and simply make the whole thing a bit more unbelievable. I'm a believe in KISS (keep it simple, stupid) with movies like this... and I wish the director had my sense of aesthetic.Still, go into it expecting a hilarious Brit detective B-movie and you'll have a fine time.

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