Ek Hota Vidushak

Ek Hota Vidushak

Aburao is a famous clown in Tamasha world, but will be soon addicted to the world of fame.

Aburao is a famous clown in Tamasha world, but will be soon addicted to the world of fame. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wilhelm H (ru) wrote: Look at that SyFy Channel. Austrians producing a great entertaining monster flick with way less money then your production companies put into those tv trash movies you flood the market with. "Blutgletscher" is actually very good, even if you see the low budget on the monsters. Great visuals, soundtrack and acting. Better then some big budget horror movies that even make it to the big screen. Great genre work!

Taha S (kr) wrote: Delved into enough subject matter to warrant an explosive build up and material enough to sink your teeth into despite a shaky ending.

Jason J (us) wrote: Miike comes up with yet another visual masterpiece set amongst the beautiful backdrop of China's Yunnan mountains. Has some funny moments in it for example a raft being pulled along a river by turtles. I suspect many will be turned off by the simple storyline. I found it captivating and enthralling.

Aaron B (mx) wrote: Motorama has a cool concept: a 10-year-old driving around trying to win the big bucks. It even goes out of its way to create its own states, providing a pretty confusing but interesting experience. But even though it has some positives, this is a road trip movie that ironically goes nowhere. Also, marketing tip: don't advertise Drew Barrymore if she's only in five seconds of your film. Audiences will hate you.

Paul J (br) wrote: Interestingly, this film was never supposed to be a "Cannibal" film, much less a horror movie. It's more of a melodramatic thriller with a bit of Pocahontas thrown in. The single scene of cannibalism became so influential (mainly due to the film's enormous box office success around the world) that countless other cannibal films followed, each one trying to out-gross the last. Man from Deep River is also disturbingly noteworthy for its many authentic ritualistic killings of animals. Actual tribesmen kill snakes, lambs and crocodiles in nasty ways. Clearly animal rights hadn't been properly established yet. In the end, the Italians were the ones who started the whole Cannibal craze of the 70s and I suppose this film will be remembered for being the first film to show human flesh being eaten in any graphic sense, despite the fact the it was initially and ironically pitched as a pseudo-documentary.

Senor C (es) wrote: As far as redundant 80s sex comedy comedies go Private Resort isn't bad but you mustn't be too demanding because it is basically T&A & slapstick. You get the standard golf ball to the groin & a pie to the face but Hector Elizondo & Dody Goodman save it @ times. You even get Andrew Dice Clay w/ his hairy shoulders in an early role. Im sure the ladies will be thrilled that you get to see Johnny Deep & Rob Morrow's cheese cake but I could have done w/out it. W/ this on his resume Im surprised that Depp went onto the stardom that he achieved or that he didn't have to show more tushy in more movies

Ryan D (ca) wrote: Great Burt Reynolds film. I put it right up there w/ Smokey and the Bandit and Cannonball Run.

Tyler H (jp) wrote: A charming holiday classic with memorable characters and songs.

Lauren H (ru) wrote: Atmospheric Bollywood film with some truly brilliant moments. The first half felt needlessly cliched, but my interest picked up in the second half (despite the fact that the DVD mismatched the dialogue and subtitles). I will admit to being a little tired of the 'suffering artist' cliche. Particularly troublesome was the scene in which Vijay watches a female dancer who wants to go take care of her crying baby. Instead of helping her, he simply cries himself. The world does not need another passive hero. Some of the camerawork was overused, such as Dutt's apparent love-affair with the zoom lens. But the ending was touching and acting broad but strong. The poetry was certainly lovely.

Clarissa C (gb) wrote: spoil children grown up.

Andrew L (ag) wrote: Crap, rushed. Nowhere near as good as the first film.

Charlie G (es) wrote: A clone of Captain Picard has sights on annihilating the Federation.

Marilena G (gb) wrote: It may be an all-star cast, but this movie under-delivers in more ways than one.