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Inta K (us) wrote: quite watchable low budget movie

Pedro C (au) wrote: C'est drle, fou et comique, mais nous laisse toujours, lorsqu'on parle du rcit, prouver la saveur du WTF. Je n'ai pas dit que je n'aime pas a, mais

Daniel K (gb) wrote: 2.5: The drunk guys story about the long road and State Park in Nebraska is ridiculously funny simply because it is so stupid. One sort of hopes there will be a point and the storyteller will redeem themselves, but they never do. Just as is the case with many other Mumblecore pictures, the most apt way to describe the film would be as a slice-of-life. Everything in the film seems plausible and occasionally documentary-like. The script, the manner in which the lines are delivered, and the style of filmmaking could definitely make one think they were watching something other than fiction, at least at times. At other times it is obviously staged and theatrical, as most films are. Combining this realistic sensibility with an artistic flavor is what makes Mumblecore so effective. It is refreshing and startling in a way that can sneak up on you. It doesn't cut out the mundane, ordinary, and less than beautiful from reality, but rather embraces it. This is a quality example, but nothing revelatory.

Joe B (nl) wrote: Good movie! George Cloonley's acting was exceptional. Overall the acting in this movie was impressive. I didn't really like the premise. It also was boring for the first hour. I liked the use of the flashforward in the beginning of the movie. I thought this movie was original. I will probally watch this movie again to understand the movie completely.

Jessica H (it) wrote: strays a bit from the slightly creepy book.

Masorad (mx) wrote: Kudos to Rudolph for attempting to film the unfilmmable. You could never do Vonnegut right, as Cronenburg couldn't do Burroughs, as nobody did Pynchon. But there's a lot to like here, Finney is funny, the heart-felt is genuinely heart-felt, and there's that self-reflexive stufff which calls to mind "Trouble In Mind", "The Moderns" and other Rudolph reels. (Isham, perhaps.) A better film if you live out of the USA.

Bill M (ca) wrote: Spike sure gives you a hell of a lot of movie in this one. If this were made by a French director, it would win praise for its "freedom."

Anne S (ru) wrote: Cute Movie even if the story is classicalJuhi and Aamir are so perfect together!I love the songs!

Sweet G (gb) wrote: this drama is awesome with a lot of rock from the 80's... finally after so many years i could see it again on HBO :D

Jemina S (de) wrote: Aika onneton kuvaus koko "Familysta".

Felix N (kr) wrote: At least 2 scenes make me felt real terror. I suppose this worth 2 stars in my rating. An overpowered demon doing silly thing at the wrong place, at the wrong time... And... hey, there is no tenant in that mansion?! And the bad ending.... (what? that's it?... are you kidding me?!)

Brian C (au) wrote: This murder/accident was actually not about racism. A real racist person, even the dumbest racist person, would never do this in public.

Brendan N (jp) wrote: the film is fun if goofy but it has cult status with the advanced plot of the era. the music, the actors and the villain deliver a film that isn't critic friendly but audience friendly.

Jamie C (ag) wrote: Excellent film one of Dwayne and Seanns best, Good plot and some nice fight scenes and the humour tops it off.

Sean M (nl) wrote: The story to be told is compelling and exalting. The means to tell it are not. A disjointed screenplay seriously cripples what could have been a searing portrait of sainthood and redemption.