Ek Nazar

Ek Nazar

One Glance. Romance between a poet, son of the public prosecutor, and a nautch girl accused of murdering her mother.

Leading lawyer and public prosecutor, Raghunath Tyagi, lives an upper middle- class life in India with his only son, Akash Manmohan. Raghunath would like his son to take an interest in law ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ahmed A (au) wrote: didn't know the freakin' story .. pointless however, there was some thrilling scenes

Steven I (mx) wrote: a powerful telling of a genius who brought people together through his music and vision, a documentary which is full of insight and new tellings of the life of one of the most brilliant minds in our generation

Camille L (us) wrote: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone est une comdie proche de l'univers d'Adam McKay sans le talent d'un Will Ferrell, mais avec un casting tout de mme trs concern, surtout Olivia Wilde, Jim Carrey (bien meilleur lorsqu'il n'est qu'une prsence bienvenue dans le supporting cast) et l'hilarant Steve Buscemi qui parvient enfin obtenir un rle comique sa mesure. Le film est malheureusement un peu long et manque de gags vraiment drles et originaux pour dcoller. C'est bien dommage car le message du film est plutt intressant tout en tant assez chaleureux. Mais The Incredible Burt Wonderstone ne restera pas dans les annales.

Risto H (ag) wrote: I actually loved this movie, not sure really why, but I loved it. I must say, that his movie might be a little confusing, since it's not a sequel but a prequel. The first movie, stone cold was as is basis. Now this however introduces you to the past, how Jesse got there. 2 It was nice, slow-paced, kind of creepy but yet so exciting. I just love how cold-blooded Tom Selleck can be. It's just him and the world, which in this case is inferior to him. He looks like he knows the answers to everything, yet keeps most of it to himself. The only friend, that shares the knowledge is probably a bottle of Johnny Walker. I intend to watch all of the episodes, already have gotten through 3 of those and the 4th is already waiting in my dvd collection.

Sondre L (mx) wrote: Ganske kjedelig snn i grunn, men mye koselig skog.

Claudia F (kr) wrote: My top 10. Why? Simple... Why we never think that our thinking can be blurred as our vision (if we have some vision deficiency like myopia or after drinking...). Worth watching! and not for everyone!

Irene M (br) wrote: If you read or saw the Hunger Games, have you seen this?

David W (it) wrote: Twist after twist, worth the effort.

Cade H (kr) wrote: I had never heard of this movie before and I did not even know what it was about and it surprised me. Dana Carvey plays a loveable con artist and really makes this a great feel-good movie. It is not all that funny but the plot stays interesting throughout the film and the ending wraps the movie up great.

Luc T (kr) wrote: Enjoyable Queen Concert. One of Queen's best

Daniel A (mx) wrote: A 2 hour and 30min porno not a movie

Michelle A (ru) wrote: no info = no interest

Paul D (us) wrote: A lesser in the glut of 1939 classics, but still an accomplished western ruined somewhat by the desire to be as patriotic as possible.

MissAnna (ca) wrote: Have it...love it....watching it

Anthony P (kr) wrote: Too true in today's society. Portrayed the case of MGTOW, added to the mental/degradation of society & what it can do to ones Mental Health. It is actually a Psychological; Thriller. And, as always, these actors do not disappoint. A tough movie.