Ek Niranjan

Ek Niranjan

A bounty hunter searches for the family he was separated from as a child, and falls in love with the sister of a gang member.

A bounty hunter searches for the family he was separated from as a child, and falls in love with the sister of a gang member. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel H (ru) wrote: Very B grade in so many ways unless you're into 90's horror films!

Andrea V (us) wrote: The French really know how to make comedies, with good acting and no foul language.

Ollie W (au) wrote: Anchored by an exceptional central performance from the then unknown Martin Compston, and superb support from the equally inexperienced actors gravitating around him, Loach's Sweet Sixteen beautifully etches out the tragic and inevitable consequences of both cyclic domestic violence (a point literally driven home in the dying seconds of the picture) and abject poverty. As a result we get this often hilarious and touching movie, a film less concerned with it's politics (suprisingly) and more interested in the innocence and charm of it's central character. Though often hard to swallow, the language in particular is frequently rather challenging, overall this is definately Loach and Laverty at their best.

James Z (it) wrote: foster's performance is a strong reason to see 'nell' , but it has nothing fiercely profound to say. simply stirring up the bare bones of emotion (love, fear), the film is bland, sketchy fiction.

Sushma S (nl) wrote: Typical English humour, Eric Idle is good. Catherine Zeta Jones is horrible. Barbara Hershey is awesome. John Cleese is fabulous.

Sinem S (it) wrote: The real "truth" is the film is full of plot holes. It is predictable but you keep hoping what is going to happen isn't what you have already predicted. Unfortunately it always is.

William L (nl) wrote: A stellar example of 1950s film noir. Spencer Tracy, even with one arm tied behind his back, is still a badass on the level of Liam Neeson. Great movie.

Johan A (mx) wrote: Mycket rolig politisk satir. Har fr mig att vet hr var Preston Sturges frsta film som rgissr. De allra bsta av de senare r nnu bttre, men missa fr allt i vrlden inte den hr!

DenisSteve G (fr) wrote: Trs divertissant! Il est galement drle de voir quel point certaines situations dans le commerce au dtail n'ont pas chang depuis 1923 (comme la cliente qui arrive juste avant la fermeture du magasin et qui n'arrive pas se brancher...).

Steve S (mx) wrote: Great film; great soundtrack.

Ryan S (ag) wrote: It's a good movie and all, but it's forgettable

Knox M (ru) wrote: Barry Lyndon is an excellent addition to Stanley Kubrick's filmography. It's emotionally engaging and intriguing, even if it's heavy use of dolly-out shots is extremely distracting.