Ek Se Bure Do

Ek Se Bure Do

Two petty thieves face-off against gangsters, bandits and police after forging a treasure map.

Two petty thieves face-off against gangsters, bandits and police after forging a treasure map. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve S (jp) wrote: The best part of this movie was the ending & I mean that in a metaphorical sense...

Wes S (kr) wrote: Confusing and rather ridiculous, this doesn't really shed any type of interest other than the occasional neat kill. The characters are terrible from the start and the conflict between them is boring. Decent amount of blood and scares, but there's nothing very memorable.

Hayden G (ag) wrote: Fantastical, sentimental, and sometimes touching, although a little shallow, held together by very strong central performances.

Roman R (fr) wrote: Un grupo de soldados tranportan equipo militar rumbo a Kosovo. Mientras pasan por un pequeo pueblo rumano son detenidos debido a que no traen permiso. Los soldados deciden pasar un rato en el pueblo y conocen a sus habitantes. Pronto descubren que hay altercados. "Califofornia Dreamin'" no es una pelicula muy memorable y se siente demasiado larga sin embargo esta muy bien actuada y nos entretiene durante su duracion. Me pregunto que si no se hubiera muerto su director en un accidente automovilistico la pelicula hubiese gozado de mas enfoque y un climax mas poderoso y trascendente. Probablemente nunca lo sabremos. Aun asi es una cinta recomendable.

Thomas B (ag) wrote: It's enjoyable for the most part thanks to the enthusiasm of the cast, but it's a little predictable by the end. Full review later.

Jason V (jp) wrote: Inspired by a true story, about the suicide of Vatel, cause there were pbs with the great diner he organized for King Louis XIV of France.

Dave L (ag) wrote: If Joel Schumacher is left alone to make a less mainstream, slightly indie film it turns out to be pretty damn good. Exemplary performances from De Niro and Hoffman as you'd expect. Some scenes do feel a little convoluted but there are very few off those and they don't detract from the overall film. It's not a rip roaring comedy but it's funny in places. Especially when the rival drag queens start fighting and they call for some "butch faggots" to break it up

Kashfia F (ag) wrote: Good ole Bollywood melodrama lol

Jed D (au) wrote: A flashback to my childhood. Still rather amusing.

Bill B (us) wrote: This is one of my favorite films, yet one that I haven't returned to in quite some time, so I gave it another day in court to confirm that it is indeed as solid as I remembered. The film follows two detectives in a depressing rainy city as they pursue the serial killer John Doe, who's working his way through the Seven Deadly Sins with 'themed' murders, and holy shit is it a depressing and fun ride.Solid performances from everyone involved, and well worth another look if you have the chance.Highly recommended.

Matthew S (us) wrote: The cheap, tacky and perverse sister to Billy Wilder's masterful SUNSET BLVD. Robert Aldrich managed a truly historic feat of even getting these two iconic and open Hollywood enemies into one room much less convince them to do this movie. The making of this film is the stuff of legend. And it is important to note that at the time of its release this film was genuinely shocking to audiences who had never seen these highly respected movie stars presented in such a disturbing way. With time, this movie has become brilliantly campy entertainment. But the truly brave and brutal performance by Bette Davis is undeniably potent. Looking back, Bette Davis gave the most powerful performance of 1960. Joan Crawford's work is oddly out of place. Choosing to play it in her standard glam movie star way is without any level of realism. The mixing of not only these two incredibly charismatic actors and their widely different approaches to their craft actually serves to add a level of surrealism which is oddly effective. While most definitely a cult and campy ride of a movie, it power should never be underestimated. ...even if it was largely accidental.

Darryl J (mx) wrote: Ozu is very simple in how he makes his movies. He places his camera almost directly on the floor and uses static shots. Things exist and happen in the frames he creates. It's very effective because the camera seems more detached from the film than most films I've seen. Ozu,also,doesn't like his actors to go overboard with their emotions. He's no Bresson when it comes to that but he likes a more natural feel than the actors to be over dramatic. The story is great and reveals itself not in dramatic climaxes but slowly and quietly just like everyday life. I think that's why I like his films so much. What a great cameo by the father from Tokyo Story,one of my favorites.

Grant H (es) wrote: Great movie. In De Palma's second collaboration with Pacino, they skillfully create another engrossing crime legacy drama. Sure it feels like Scarface at times, but it sets itself apart in its less violent story, its more sympathetic characters, and performances from its supporting cast in addition to Pacino's performance.

WS W (jp) wrote: I believe I had watched it on Pearl back then.Disappointing even by holding such cast on hand (& quite surprisingly, the acting was not generally good either), in addition to the outdated, very corny (original) storyline, with a too shallow narrative.

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