Ek: The Power of One

Ek: The Power of One

Mumbai-based Nandkumar Sharma is a high-priced hit-man. He is paid a princely 1.5 Crore Rupees to injure Anna Mhatre, so that the later can get enough 'sympathy' votes to get him elected as the next Chief Minister, but ends up killing him. On the run from the Police, he ends up assuming the guise of Hoshiyarpur's Puran Singh, who has been away from home for the last 18 years, and does succeed in fooling Puran's joint family. But his hopes for settling there appear to be in vain with the arrival of a CBI Team, led by Inspector Mahendra Kumar Rane - who is determined to expose and arrest Nandkumar at any and all costs.

A gunman for hire is framed for murder, and assumes a dead man's identity while hiding from the police. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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