Ek Villain

Ek Villain

When his lover becomes the latest victim of a serial killer, Guru blurs the line between good and evil in his pursuit of revenge.

When his terminally ill wife becomes the latest victim of a serial killer, Guru blurs the line between good and evil as he pursues the murder. Does Guru succeed in getting even with the assailant? And what is the motive behind the killings? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian W (de) wrote: I absolutely loved this. It has more charm and character throughout its touching story than most Hollywood insect based movies. Plenty of charm and visual gags keep you watching along with the great musical score.

Perry B (br) wrote: Boring and sad. What is the purpose of this movie...other than to drag on for over two hours while watching a bored,under-educated, directionless young lady who lives in the slums in England? The "reality" of this film has no redeeming social value. Do not waste your time on this sad film.

owyn A (de) wrote: All it takes, is someone to believe in you.

Linda B (ru) wrote: I decided to watch this, after a friend recommended it to me. I usually find this type of film rather tedious to watch. Not this one however, I found it very easy to follow and really enjoyable to watch. May consider getting the DVD at some point in the future.

Steve G (br) wrote: "Patriot Games" is a superb action film of 1992. The plot to "Patriot Games" is about a man named "Jack Ryan" portrayed by "Harrison Ford" who stops a local act of terrorism only metres away from his wife and daughter, later "Jack" kills one of the terrorists. A terrorist named "Sean Miller" portrayed by "Sean Bean" swears to get revenge on "Jack Ryan's" family. And "Jack Ryan" must do everything he can to protect his loved ones. The opening to this movie shows "Jack Ryan" being a typical family man. The scene is good and shows how the audience should realise how "Jack" is a good person. The middle of the movie is quite intense; some scenes could've been better. The movie's climax is good, the setting feels real but the setting could've been changed. The ending to this movie was dumb it basically said "Screw You" to the audience. The plot to the movie is great, the movie feels real and is exciting. The acting in this movie is superb, "Harrison Ford" is an incredible actor and in "Patriot Games" he does a stunning job. "Sean Bean" is another stunning actor in "Patriot Games". The music in this movie is suspenseful and thrilling at the right moments. "James Horner" who composed the music for "Patriot Games" did a splendid job at creating suspense and thrill. "Patriot Games" is filmed very well; the action scenes are filmed well but could've been shot better. Back in 1992 C.G.I. was a newly introduced topic and most movies used this new concept, the special effects in this movie are terrific; there are no scenes that C.G.I. is present. "Phillip Noyce" did a splendid job at using special effects. If you are a person who enjoys "Tom Clancy's" stories then I recommend you watch "Patriot Games" as it has superb acting, thrilling music and great visuals. Although the movie is not perfect it has some issues, which are shots being done better, and a much better ending. I give 1992's "Patriot Games" an 8/10.

Nik B (kr) wrote: average 80's college comedy

Matthew B (ru) wrote: Love the ending, though it took several breaks to get through the middle.

Sanford R (mx) wrote: Doesn't really appeal to me

Sam C (it) wrote: Featuring a young Mickey Rourke, and Eric Roberts owning every scene he is in, The Pope of Greenwich village is a good (not great) old gangster flick

Aurora B (gb) wrote: This movie is awesome.

J D (kr) wrote: Fantastic film - funny, moving, Will Ferrell. Everything that I love!

Jeremy B (gb) wrote: Good moive good one to see its funny and love the characters a differnt take on monsters that what i think is the best

Al H (gb) wrote: One of the worst movies of the year.