El abuelo tiene un plan

El abuelo tiene un plan

Leandro Cano, grandfather of many grandchildren, coincides in the clinic of Dr. Bolt with Elena, a lady already advanced in years. The doctor makes every effort to make them meet, and thus overcome their feelings of loneliness.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

Leandro Cano, grandfather of many grandchildren, coincides in the clinic of Dr. Bolt with Elena, a lady already advanced in years. The doctor makes every effort to make them meet, and thus overcome their feelings of loneliness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric S (jp) wrote: a good deal less interesting than its trailers

Andrew K (jp) wrote: Such a great film... "Life is like walking in the rain. You can hide and take cover or you can just get wet."

Mathieu F (es) wrote: No story or background on what the creature are and no ending...just woman hallucinating her dead daugther

Adam C (us) wrote: A high school friendship tale and love story based around an implausible premise that manages to feel plausible for a large part. It was recommended to me based on the quality of the cinematography and overall it is pretty nice, with only a few scenes dipping down towards the low standard of Japanese television drama (of which the same can be said of the story and acting). A few scenes and even plot points could have just as well been cut as the movie feels its 2 hour plus length, but still if you can get past the slightly strange premise it's worth a watch.

Josue T (mx) wrote: This film's dialogue trashes Christianity; Psalms 150.

chris s (us) wrote: this movie is much better than its rating. Clive Owen and Vince Casell are terrific and if Jennifer Anniston has a sexier role I have not seen it. Don't want to give any plot points away, but this is almost on a "Usual Suspects" level, though a very different movie.

Sabrina T (gb) wrote: Andy Lau is great as always, but Sammi Cheung was incredibly irritating. I didn't even get why Andy Lau's character would even put up with hers. I never felt any connection, not sympathy, not even charm. I'm not sure if the problem was her acting or how the character was written, or maybe it was both![longer review to come]

Jey A (kr) wrote: Of Package Delivery Men... >_>"

Justin B (mx) wrote: It's wretched but is gobs of schlocky fun if you're into this sort of eurotash.

Joe B (fr) wrote: Very intersting one-off film for all involved. The material isn't all that great but it's the performances and pacing that make this movie a winner. Streep has an awesome monologue near the end that only goes to show you how good she is. Some good goose-bump moments and a VERY creepy final 5 minutes.

Arun S (au) wrote: This introduced me to Rappaport's important indie work in comedy. Getting the rest of his Dvds soon

Philip W (jp) wrote: What a shamefully underrated film. Rachel, Rachel is one of those hidden gems of the late 60's. Joanne Woodward captures the small-time loneliness and depression of a middle-aged schoolteacher at a moment of personal crisis in quite a haunting way and Estelle Parsons is also impressive as her equally repressed co-worker, albeit for different reasons. Great first time direction by Paul Newman (in fact, it's probably one of the best debut directorial efforts by an actor-turned-director). I own it on VHS (along with Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams), but has this film been released yet on DVD and if not, why?

Byron B (de) wrote: Newman directed his wife Joanne Woodward. From Newman's biography that I read, Paul Newman: A Life, I learned that the two of them agreed she was the better actor. Yet she didn't act as often in the movies. Woodward is Rachel, a woman who hasn't experience a lot in life, is afraid of spinsterhood and taking care of her mother forever, and lives life through daydreams most of the time. This for all intents and purposes was an independent film when nothing but studio productions made it to the big theaters around the country. The low budget is reflected in the look of the film. Newman is practical with the camera and lighting and other technical aspects, but not very stylish. The movie has a small town feel since it was shot on location in Connecticut. Still the subject matter would probably have never flown in a big studio production of the time. I don't think edgy is the right word, but offbeat may describe the romance, characters and religious and sexual themes. It is a boundary pushing story that can often make you feel just a bit uncomfortable as you spend so much time in Rachel's head.

David S (kr) wrote: At times visually striking and very effectively edited. The movie nakedly appeals to the emotions, which is at times confusing (because the movie is quite specifically made for those who understand this exact moment in history in much detail). While a technical achievement, the film's insistence on being so blunt and so morally black and white hampers its power.

Cody B (nl) wrote: I had forgotten this movie existed.

Dave M (fr) wrote: A good family movie with good family values. No, it doesn't have a singing princess or a talking car... But it's still a great movie that made this jaded old bird laugh several times.

Cade H (jp) wrote: Below, at its heart is a war movie, focusing on a crew in a submarine in hostel waters. Small things that happen bring a little supernatural flair to the plot but it is never enough to really scare you or bring much suspense. The cast that makes up the crew is fun to see interact and it all leads up to a fulfilling conclusion. Most of the film takes place inside cramped quarters and occasionally they venture out into the ocean which was a nice segment that mixed things up. Once you figure out the "twist" and the whole reason for everything it ends up being rather underwhelming. With this movie being labeled a sci-fi thriller I was expecting more then what it provided. What it did bring to the table though was solid and overall it was a decent flick.