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El aprendiz de malo

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Eric H (br) wrote: Unique--for the artist to create these countless figures so skillfully as to show their changing emotions, clothing, posture...from the chubby, playful children on Daddy's back to the stark images in monochrome..alternating with live footage! A must-see for the film-lover, the historian, and the artist.

Antonio L (gb) wrote: Niall got to travel on somebody's dime. I had no idea the stock market was so puny. No idea that bonds were that large. Options are scary. Take yo @$$ to vegas!

Joe S (us) wrote: Light-hearted comedy. Has some sad moments.

Gabriel C (nl) wrote: Despite a few funny moments, Johnny English mostly makes you groan and cringe.

Paul D (ag) wrote: Good comedy, good fun - with some nice performances to match.

Daniel R (es) wrote: Personal Score: 10/10 As I've mentioned many times, I absolutely adore the work of C.S. Lewis, from his priceless Narnia novels to his meditations of the Christian faith. He is my favorite author and one of the most fascinating human beings I've ever researched. One of the most fascinating aspects of his life was his late marriage to a woman named Joy Gresham. I find this delightfully ironic considering the fact that not too long before they met Lewis had written a book about his conversion to Christianity called Surprised By Joy. So, when I discovered that a film had been made about C.S. Lewis and his wife I naturally had to see it. Shadowlands stars the tremendous Anthony Hopkins as Lewis, and the equally excellent Debra Winger as Joy. It is directed by Richard Attenborough, who having directed this and Gandhi seems to have quite a flair for bio-pics. Hopkins, in appearance, hardly resembles the late Lewis at all, but his portrayel of Lewis' speech, character, and well-known manner is simply flawless. He is so utterly believeable that I actually forgot I was watching Hopkins during the film. The film is about Lewis, a bachelor into his 60s, meeting a fan and pen pal named Joy, an American. She is married and with a son, but her marriage is to an abusive man and will soon end. Lewis and Joy are merely friends for a while, as Lewis likes to keep it. One must understand that Lewis never intended to marry and was very guarded about ideas like romance. Joy comes to England on two occasions, once to visit Lewis and the next time to get away from her now ex-husband. She wishes to stay in England, but is not a citizen. She and Lewis decide to marry, but this is a marriage of convenience, not love. Lewis, as her friend, is offering his citizenship to her so that she may remain in the country. They do not even marry in the presence of a minister, because Lewis believes this not to be a marriage before God. They do not live together and still only see each other the way friends would on occasion. This soon changes. Joy is soon diagnosed with terminal cancer after an accident in which her leg snaps like a branch. Lewis goes to be with her and take care of her, and soon he realizes that he will soon be without her. This understanding overwhelms him, but helps him to realize that he truly loves her. She has, in all likelyhood, loved him even longer. There, in the hospital, the marry again, this time before God, as true husband and wife. They know their time together will be short-lived, but they make the most of it. The great triumph in this film is that of Lewis' heart being overtaken by a love he had avoided for so long. It is believed in Christianity that marriage is a picture of God's love for an individual (or the church in general), and to see Lewis finally embrace it and tenderly cling to it in his wife is so beautiful to watch, and so utterly heartbreaking when it inevitably ends. Shadowlands is a remarkably romantic film, and a very heartbreaking one. The performances by all are top notch, and the approach to the material is brilliant. Hopkins has had many excellent roles, none so iconic as Hannibal Lector, but this may be his next best, and yet it seems to be relatively unknown and therefore hardly appreciated. You don't have to love romantic movies to appreciate this excellent film, because it isn't like the fodder we see today. The love displayed in this film is of a much deeper and more realistic kind. I've always held to the belief that love is far more about action than feelings, and it is so refreshing to see a film that honors that very thing.

Prabhanjan D (gb) wrote: From thieves to drug peddlers, the film chronicles the life of children living on Mumbai streets. Directed by Mira Nair, this Hindi film went on to win many awards at global film festivals.

Sophan P (ru) wrote: If I were an artist and I could produce only one great work of art in my life, this would be it. I'd consider my work and life fullfilled.

Brad S (gb) wrote: I was surprised by how much I loved this Ingmar Bergman film, I found it highly enjoyable. I don't think I'd seen a comedy from him, it was a nice change and he's really adept at it. It's a fun story, that despite being set in the early 1900's and released in 1955, still felt modern to me. I can definitely see myself revisiting this film. Highly recommended!

Allan C (br) wrote: Hokey courtroom melodrama is greatly elevated by a stellar cast led by William Powell and Myrna Loy. Powell plays a high powered lawyer who is defending a friend of the family who is accused of murder, but unbeknownst to Powell the real murderer may actually be his wife, Loy. It's a pretty contrived plot are is hardly credible, but the strong cast, which also includes Una Merkel and Rosalind Russell (in her film debut), make this overall film much better than the script deserved.

Rob V (es) wrote: One of the best horror films of 2013. There must be something in the water in Canada.

Nicola W (mx) wrote: Jodi Foster plays an agoraphobic writer and she battles out of her home to help a girl living on a desert island. She is actually hilarious and plays the part well. Its a great story and entertaining film.

Brandon S (de) wrote: A comedy goldmine! David Gordon Green directs this movie with a major devotion to craft and pace that is seriously lacking in most comedies nowadays. I love this ridiculously stupid movie!Here's what separates it from the crop: Green didn't direct it, or shoot it like a typical comedy. It's shot like a '70s crime thriller with a buddy comedy twist.

Bilal a (mx) wrote: Watchable but was never gonna be anywhere near as good as the 1, 2 and 4

Fernando P (ru) wrote: Interesting mix of comedy and horror. I actually didn't know what to expect. It goes to show that Ryan Reynolds has great talent in many genres. The plot was just to far fetched for me.

Cindy V (fr) wrote: Kind of dumb, but any movie with Gene Kelly dancing is worth watching once.

Justin B (nl) wrote: There's some undoubtedly disturbing body horror fun to be had but even without having seen this original, this feels like an unneeded extension that answers too many questions that we weren't even asking.