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El asesinato torrent reviews

Garwin S (jp) wrote: In any PC obsessed country, this movie would be regarded as racist - a German who is mistaken for dead and pretends to be a Sikh to reinvigorate his life. Pretty bland comedy with a few good lines but otherwise predictable.

Andy G (ag) wrote: Mockingbird is a story of woman and couple that received a video camera to film creepy message that someone sends them. its OK suspense thriller. C+ (2014)

Rose G (kr) wrote: I Love this movie its so inspiring

Private U (ca) wrote: Fuckin terrible. Horrible acting, plot holes, shitty set design. This movie sucks. A watse of an hour and a half. I was generally pissed about how much time i had just wasted after watchin this. The queen is fucking annoying also. I had to start therapy to not kill myself after watching this fucking disaster.

Juliet H (es) wrote: Words cannot describe how bad this film is. Not even David Boreanaz poncing around with sod all clothes on makes it worth watching.

Ruthie R (gb) wrote: :lOkay but the cloners are really great creature designs I remember being super inspired by them when i was little and tbh still see aspects of them show up in my artwork now.

Ronnie D (mx) wrote: Very entertaining I loved it

Jules H (de) wrote: The animation is acceptable and somewhat truthful to the show and the music is hip and upbeat, but the characters are routine and underwritten, the story does not even try to relate to the show and the songs are easy to make fun of.

VJ B (fr) wrote: Dated. Confusing timeline. Glaring police procedural mistakes. But about halfway through you realize it doesn't matter, because Sinatra is the definition of a man's man, here, and the story is structured so very well. Glad I finished it.

Stuart K (es) wrote: Ken Russell had finally gone to America with Altered States (1980), despite it's success, he found it hard to get another film made and after directing opera in Europe and Australia, he was offered this lurid sex thriller written by Barry Sandler (The Mirror Crack'd (1980)), it does show the direction Ken would have taken had he stayed in Hollywood, but he soon got bored with it and came home, the film has some good moments though. In Los Angeles, Joanna Crane (Kathleen Turner) is an employee for a successful fashion design company, but when it's suspected that Joanna has been selling design patterns to his competitors, electronics whiz Bobby Grady (John Laughlin) is asked to keep an eye on Joanna to see whether she's really doing it, but Joanna moonlights as prostitute China Blue, in a blonde wig with make-up and a glittery blue dress, Grady discovers Joanna's double life, but he promises to keep it secret. But, Joanna as China Blue is in trouble from the obsessive Reverend Peter Shayne (Anthony Perkins), who gives sermons in the street and watches prostitutes while doing drugs and shaming them later. It's a complex thriller with a lot of Ken's usual touches, a wedding video (where composer Rick Wakeman cameos) is a particular, peculiar highlight. It does feel a bit overlong, but Ken manages to get good performances from all concerned, if Ken had stuck with this, he might have just made it big in Hollywood.

Felipe F (ca) wrote: One of Allen's sharpest films, Broadway Danny Rose is both funny and affecting due to the easy chemistry between its leads.

Gabriel C (es) wrote: Beautifully animated and boldly realistic, Watership Down remains faithful to the book without sugarcoating the dark, complex themes.

Sebastian H (au) wrote: One of the early works of Verhoeven. A story of love, life, madness....

Robert E (kr) wrote: This is actually one of my favorite movies. It is very economical and fast moving, good music, cast, humor and detective-like story. Wonderful Western characters, and best of all, great romantic chemistry between Wayne and Raines. Too bad they didn't make another movie together.

Joshua M (kr) wrote: Kutcher being a spitting image of the man he's portraying, it turns out, isn't enough to save this one. Admittedly, watching this AFTER the other Steve Jobs biopic ended up damning this one more than it damns itself with fluffy, half-cocked storytelling that perpetually seems to be on its way to a point but never actually reaches one. But hey, at least the actors look like the guys, right?? Points for the casting director!

Conrad T (ca) wrote: Elba is a bit too big to portrait Mandela in my opinion. Wrong pick of actor in a leading role.