El aullido del diablo

El aullido del diablo

Paul Naschy plays several roles in this film about a nowhere actor who likes to pick up prostitutes and play sex games. His nephew resides with him, and is lost in a fantasy world of his ...

Paul Naschy plays several roles in this film about a nowhere actor who likes to pick up prostitutes and play sex games. His nephew resides with him, and is lost in a fantasy world of his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elliott B (de) wrote: Not mind blowing, but by no means numbing.

Michele W (mx) wrote: Excellent music, wonderful story.

julie j (fr) wrote: this is the perfect chick flick :) i loved it. whoever cast this made a perfect decision :)

Brandon W (au) wrote: Coralline is directed and written by Henry Selick, and it stars Dakota Fanning in a stop-motion film about a girl who doesn't like moving to another place, and she come across a room that's locked, and when she goes in, she come across a different place that's similar, and the families that have button for eyes. After watching Aladdin, the bus started to get more quiet, and we didn't watch anything else for now. So I ended up watching the downloaded films on Netflix, and just watched this first, which is a fantastic starter for Laika Studios. Dakota Fanning is great at being whiny and irritated at the same time, but it was never annoying, and she also gets better when the movie progresses. The clay-nation looks fantastic, and there were some moments that I honestly don't know how they did it. The characters are three-dimensional that when things get out of hand, you really start to root for Coraline and fear for her safety. It has a lot of creepy imagery, but it's never to the point that it'll be traumatic to kids, and it's cool to see something be pleasant, and be not so pleasant. The pacing really starts to pick up when the beginning is slow, but it still keeps you interested in what's going on. There are some humor that's really good that it doesn't really become too depressing to watch. The writing and direction by Henry Selick really seem to understand about what the kid is going through when they have to move to a different place, and just have to deal with it a different way from what the parents are going through. In the end, Coraline is an amazing film that i wish that more people could go see the films that Laika Studios has made.

Lippy L (au) wrote: I thought this movie sucked!! They didn't even use the same events from the first movie. The parents died in different ways and they didn't even use scenes from the first movie for the flashbacks. I was really dissapointed

Chucky (us) wrote: December 10th 2009November 16th 2014

Jere S (gb) wrote: Great entertainment. Make sure you keep watching after the end credits.

Wahida K (jp) wrote: The Herbie Movies use to be cute and entertaining. Hopefully there will be no Remakes. They were Unique.

Justin W (de) wrote: as far as i know, mystery science theater never covered this film...it's a shame because this one is ripe for ripping apart. i enjoyed every moment of making sarcastic comments and making jokes at the film's expense...yeah, you never really get to see the aliens since they're 'energy and have no form' but that's alright...if you enjoy making fun of a film as you watch it, this one is a gem. if you don't...well, then you'd best pass this movie up.

Grant T (it) wrote: Simply spectacular! I am an avid hockey fan so this makes it even more special. Kurt Russell was astounding as he legendary Herb Brooks

Aaron W (fr) wrote: Intriguing premise with abysmal ending.

Kate W (kr) wrote: ok what is up with the new horors that make fun of the old ones? I have news they are for nonexspericed teens that I guess is what they wanna put out now a hol-a-lota crap that the teens have to go see! I say turn back the clock this chap ain't workin for me!

Robyn M (kr) wrote: A fantastic social drama, and still relevant today too! Field is perfect, Sally Field makes her outstanding performance (she won her first Best Actress Oscar) as a southern textile work attempting to unionise the mill with the aid of organiser Ron Leibman.This film is in no way a documentary(lightly based on a true event), but the filming style and plot line lend to using its emotions to guide its way. Sally Field's acting in this movie is impeccable. Beau Bridges is also great as Sonny. The script is incredible. Martin Ritt did an excellent job directing the movie. I highly recommend this film, its impossible not to Love Sally Fields.