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El buen ladrón


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Kat M (us) wrote: A playful mashup of fiction and reality which left me not entirely sure where one ended and the other began, yet mind-melted enough that I didn't really care. For someone like myself who did not get to experience these "games" in person, the film was an interesting glimpse at this three year happening that I keep hearing about more and more. My favorite part was the surprisingly strong and emotional accounts from the players. Hopefully this inspires more people to explore the hidden sites and history of their own hometowns, and rise to the opportunity of adventure in their everyday. Because, apparently, it can exist anywhere in plain sight.

Caitlin M (ca) wrote: Truth is definitely stranger than fiction, in this creative investigation into the phenomenon of The Institute! It will really mess with your head, but in a good way.

LESLIE L (jp) wrote: I liked the message.Wish there had been background on the two that could of filled some long dry sections out.. Good for one watch

Adam R (fr) wrote: Another masterful film from Kevin Smith. It's often more vulgar than I would prefer, but that doesn't take anything away from it. I wouldn't say I am a fan of the ending though. Still, Chasing Amy is a uniquely entertaining movie. (First viewing - Summer 2001)

RJ V (mx) wrote: A great film for those interested in UFOs but not much for anyone else. I find this film to be a great encompassment story for anyone wanting to know about the crash at Roswell and Area 51. It may not be the best film ever but for what it is I find it interesting, entertaining, and most of all thought-provoking. The cast also helps it's watchability. Special effects are not top notch but they serve the story well.If you are interested in aliens then this is a great piece of sci-fi (fact??). Otherwise you may not like it. I however love it and even own it on DVD.

Dustin G (ru) wrote: The first thing that this movie is is a special effects masterpiece. For its time and budget, there is no questioning Sam Raimi's wonderboy talent as a visual artist. The camp is in top form with endlessly quotable cheese ball lines, Bruce Campbell is terrifically suited to the character of Ash, more so than in the last two, and as I said, the effects are awesome. It's endless, utter silliness and cool action makes this a fantastically entertaining camp horror comedy classic.

Rodney E (jp) wrote: Gosh, I haven't seen this in about 20 something years but recalled it being freaky to me but then again a lot scared me. I remember the mummy clearly and remember LeVar Burton. I have been trying to get this for years but the DVD is out of print and way too pricey for a cheapskate like me. Still I think only fond things when I think of the Midnight Hour..The beginning all "midnight hour babbyyyy" was awesome. Recap: i watched this recently at I'm sad to say that it doesn't hold up for me but is still kind of fun

Krystal M (fr) wrote: great music, and pictures. travel all over the earth, in a couple hours

Jim A (mx) wrote: Many myself included didn't care much for the ewoks and how they made a joke out of what Emperor Palpatine called "a legion of my best troops." This movie is set in the Star Wars universe but is completely unconnected the events of the main films. It is mostly a TV fantasy flick for kids but not adult Star Wars fans. Though some of its creature effects are pretty cool for an 80s television film

Lauri L (br) wrote: After Scarlett Letters in his next effort Wim Wenders finds truely great result. Superb performances by R 1/4dler Vogler and Yella Rottlnder. Soundtrack might be a bit on the short side but the shifts in camera work and brilliant pictures reward viewer.

Thomas K (mx) wrote: It's basically two films shown side by side to achieve a sort of low rent split screen effect. I can see where, if seen in a full house of Warhol fanatics, it can be fascinating. There's the rub though. I can't even conceive of seeing it at home or really even HOW you would see it at home. Theater or nothing is my recommendation.

Aj V (mx) wrote: A nice little slice of life drama of a poor girl who dreams her family is wealthy and important. Of course, the ending is predictable as most romantic movies are, but it's still an enjoyable drama.

Daniel R (kr) wrote: Martin Lawrence as an FBI agent who goes undercover as a granny to protect a possible witness faces the usual drag problems in this reheated leftover that brings nothing new to the genre.

Lissette I (ca) wrote: Excellent movie but you must focus with no interruptions.

Michael A (de) wrote: I was so disappointed when I saw this.Mainly the title, I have never seen a title idea so lazy in my life.And, even with a dumb title, that's what I got.I do agree the animation is great, but the characters and jokes are so lame and forgettable. I have to say at the time, I was unimpressed with it, and I still am today.Probably Lakia's weakest works.