El caballero del dragón

El caballero del dragón

Princess Alba is abducted by a dragon, and it's up to Klever to save her. But, it turns out that this dragon is an alien spacecraft, and Alba falls in love with the human-alien inside it.

Princess Alba (Lamor) is abducted by a dragon, and it's up to Klever (Keitel) to save her. But, it turns out that this dragon is an alien spacecraft, and Alba falls in love with the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Max W (fr) wrote: For some stubid fucking idea I saw this the second time, and it was worse the 2nd time.

tonya w (jp) wrote: A funny movie that keeps me laughing

David U (fr) wrote: The story may not be the most inspired, but it is engaging. The one thing that really bugs me though is the "original music" which is a series of blatant rip-offs of other, legitimately good music from the era.

RoAn F (kr) wrote: Havey Keitel plays his ominous and addicted character to perfection

Taylor N (gb) wrote: Another great one from Woody Allen. This is like a psychological thriller while maintaining his usual comic elements. Recommended.

FilmGrinder S (it) wrote: 82% "The rich can buy soap."-Ben Rumson (Lee Marvin) Could have done without most of the songs, most, being the key word.

Cheap M (ru) wrote: Bernie leaves the orphanage at the advanced age of 30 and throws himself in a world he knows nothing of on a quest to reunite with his parents. Thanks to the delusiveness of this so original character, the plot will bring you an unexpected excitement and even if he was undeniably discovered abandoned in garbage his imagination will write the 'real' story: learning his real last name is Willis is sufficient for him to declare he was abducted from his billionaire American parents (leaving peacefully in the ghetto) by dangerous gangsters. They still hold them hostage, he makes it his mission: he must save them! The most dangerous threat you would face on this planet is Bernie believing that you had something to do with it, and if you meet him, he eventually will convince himself it's the case. He will accuse anything and anyone, and he destroys all that he considers to be one of 'the others'. We also learn from him that a neurotic paranoid maniac who applies a systematic pre-defensive strike is even more dangerous when he's driven by a self-legitimate quest. The violence he endured growing up in the orphanage only added aggressiveness to his already disturbed mind making him destruction incarnated, but yet, this troubled man shows absolutely no mean intentions. He has the conscience of an innocent and joyful child when he's reunited with his parents. Unfortunately and in order to be, a lot of sacrifices must be made... by absolutely everybody. He's actually quite a nice guy, but he eventually comes up with some extreme methods. Thus, he will apologise before and after beating you up with his shovel and might just eat your pet to make you talk, but he'll feel bad for you and will replace it with an even better one. (INITIATING SPOILER The most memorable scene would be when he finally discovers where his mother is 'being held hostage' (she is actually remarried): with the help of his even more neurotic father, they will storm the family's residence to 'rescue' her from these inhuman gangsters. SPOILER COMPLETE) Albert Dupontel who writes and directs also offers an impressive performance that gives life to one of the most original and complex madman ever seen on screen, and Bernie dealing with the situation can become surprisingly laughable. He almost made it a Film Noir, but with a witty comedy material that makes of Bernie the undisputed king of dark humour. If you are able to consider that such content can be turned into a comedy, well you're one of the lucky Bernie-compatible who can't afford to miss an original, unbelievable, must-see, comedy. Some will get bored and turn it off, some will be shocked, but others will experience authentic honest laughs. French with subtitles... 16+ Contains strong adult material...18 Strongly advised

Brad R (kr) wrote: Had to lob that 70s classic in at the end.

Joshua F (de) wrote: I don't get the positive reviews for this one. Boring horror.

Barry T (de) wrote: This tanked at the box office but its not bad. Withersppon and Rudd are charming and Wilson a little bit buffon but overall its great just not perfect Brooks. Withersppon tosses up betwen a sports star in Wilson and a man on the brink of a prison sentrence in Rudd. Great cameos espicially Nickleson.

Valentin G (de) wrote: A smart comedy of the 90 ', definitely Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. show they know how to do comedy. Cameron Crow risks with this ambitious and original proposal that doesn't bored us despite its duration.

Francisco S (nl) wrote: Katy Perry: Part of Me is a great documentary about the Katy Perry's life, that shows to us the best and the worst of the celebrity and that can charm the fans and other people that aren't accustomed to hear Katy Perry.