El casamiento de Laucha

El casamiento de Laucha


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Lee M (nl) wrote: Gentle, intelligent, gorgeously made and utterly eccentric, "Obselidia" exists in its own little world entirely apart from any hitherto detected categories of American independent filmmaking.

Tarrin R (jp) wrote: Sci-Fi's really getting lazy on the special effects~ :P

Jessina V (gb) wrote: Highly disturbing flick, disgusting vanity...

Riley S (au) wrote: My favorite Ray Liotta film-- but that's not saying much.

Robert I (it) wrote: One of the most difficult movies I've ever sat through. An action movie starring an autistic boy? This movie was too sad to check my brain at the door, heart was working over time here.

Facebook U (de) wrote: Love old Disney movies it take me back when I was a kid

June B (ca) wrote: A very moving character study that deals with issues of alcoholism, loneliness, isolation, and the desire for human touch. Painfully hilarious and emotionally sobering. Steve buscemi also directs.

D M (gb) wrote: A team of paramilitary bank robbers steal millions of dollars from a military base, take hostages (one resembles Naomi Russel), and hijack a plane only to be double-crossed by one of their own. (The filmmakers did not use their budget for that part at all; that portion of the story is told through dialogue and background newscasts.) The double-crosser parachutes from the plane into a rural area with more than his share of the loot as the others give chase. Unfortunately, they happen upon a old house protected by evil scarecrows, and then they add to scarecrow population. The lone female member of the team does her best impersonation of Dr. Elsa Schneider at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Some attempts at humor (cute dog munching on the corpse) and some genuine scares plus cool 80s gun play.

Greg W (mx) wrote: i think better than the original

Montessahall M (it) wrote: Pretty dreadful film. Crawford doesn't even bother with a French accent! How lazy is that? The other performances are forgettable as well.

Charlene H (ru) wrote: Wasn't much of a story, just a year in the life of deer...

Kevin R (ca) wrote: You make sounds like you're an ass kicker; only, I'm not concerned. Vince Majestyk is a man with a troubled past that just wants to settle down on his farm and grow and sell melons; however, the locals want him to overpay for resources and utilize their selected employees. When Vince refuses he is locked up and placed in prison. During his prison sentence he is caught in the middle of a jail escape of a highly sought after assassin. Vince uses this opportunity to capture the assassin and barter to have his charges reduced. In doing so, Vince pisses off the assassin and may become his next victim. "He's a hitman. He shoots people with a gun and you ask him if he's going to eat his sausage." Richard Fleischer, director of Conan the Destroyer, Red Sonja, Mandingo, Amityville 3-D, Dr. Dolittle (1967), Tora Tora Tora, See No Evil (1971), and 20000 Leagues under the Sea (1954), delivers Mr. Majestyk. The storyline for this picture is pretty straightforward for the action genre and reminded me of Cobra with Stallone. The acting was very good for the genre and the cast includes Charles Bronson, Linda Cristal, Al Lettieri, and Paul Koslo. "I've been to LA, I've been to Mexico, and I've been laid." We are huge Charles Bronson fans and my wife found this picture while looking for movies to DVR. Bronson is fairly solid in this picture but his villain is just okay and a bit of a putz. This film is just above average for the genre but nothing special overall. I do recommend catching this film if you are a fan of the genre but it will not be the best Bronson picture you ever see. "I don't even care about that melon picker." Grade: C+

Yanira D (it) wrote: La actuacion de Chris Evans es buenisima.

Alejandro R (de) wrote: Excellent film! Wasn't expecting this kind of a thrill ride that also deals with a deeper shift in the humanity of a small group of fortune-seeking soldiers. Well casted and performed.