El castigador

El castigador


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El castigador torrent reviews

Kara H (nl) wrote: Good. Disturbing and sick and based on a true story.

Jude C (br) wrote: David Fincher crafted an amazingly directed film with great twists and turns. The film is also superbly written and has great, interesting characters. Fight Club is probably the best of Fincher's films but is also one of the best films ever made.

Stephen L (de) wrote: best bad movie ever!

Rei M (de) wrote: This was unbelievably cute.

Jack G (jp) wrote: An awesomely bad movie. Bad, and awesome, a Bad-Awesome sandwich. It might be one of the great fun-bad movies except that they take way too long to get to Abar getting his powers. Once it does it almost turns into a micro-budget blaxploitation version of El Topo!

Clay B (br) wrote: BITE THE BULLET (1975)

Mark D (nl) wrote: Fairly enjoyable but Edward Judd's Arnold Bedford is such an infuriating wanker that i couldnt compltly enjoy the spectacle, which in all fairness is quite lacking, considering its Harryhausen who did the special effects.

Michael B (ag) wrote: None of the original 3 were exactly Oscar worthy, but at least they were somewhat fun to watch. Ed Skrein is beyond dull in the lead role. The one redeeming factor is Ray Stevenson, who brings a bit of levity at times.