El cebo

El cebo

Seven persons, known only by the color of their clothes, are being hunted in some empty space by something willing to kill them. At nighfall they decide to rest; one of them has been ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:El cebo 2008 full movies, El cebo torrents movie

Seven persons, known only by the color of their clothes, are being hunted in some empty space by something willing to kill them. At nighfall they decide to rest; one of them has been ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


El cebo torrent reviews

Shaina R (jp) wrote: Most horrible movie I have ever seen. Fast forwarded most of the way and they still were sitting at a table talking. No action no plot no nothing. Wouldn't even give this movie a one star.

Kerby H (jp) wrote: This documentary actually gives a lot of insight to certain points of view that I had never considered. It's very informative and presents information in an unbiased way, but doesn't go as in depth as I would've hoped.

Timothy S (kr) wrote: While the world waits for Uwe Boll to make a competent film, he makes the completely dumb move of adapting yet another video game into a feature film. "Bloodrayne" isn't quite the washout of his previous "House of the Dead", but that's faint praise indeed.As sad as that is to report, this is the notorious director's best-looking film to date. He has assembled a fairly impressive cast, some of the scenery is quite beautiful and the special effects are alarmingly impressive. The blood flows like wine, and the vampire effects are decent for a film of this budget.Unfortunately, that is all of the praise this is going to get from me. The cast is wasted and let down by a ridiculous script, most notably Ben Kingsley in the role of the lead bloodsucker. A paycheck is a paycheck, but you have to believe that the one he got for this dud wasn't big enough to tarnish his esteemed career. Kristanna Loken isn't much of an actress, but she is very sexy and you want to see her do better for herself than this.The movie fails at the script level, as the story is dull and routine, and the dialogue is even worse. It's wretched, and none of it is convincingly Eighteenth century, where this allegedly takes place. But the biggest downfall here is Boll himself. As is the case with most of his films, he is his biggest enemy, as he seems to take pride in his well-earned reputation as one of the worst filmmakers working today."Bloodrayne" had more potential than most of his films, but that potential only takes it so far. It will bore you into a coma.

Matthew C (ca) wrote: When three thieves break into a house, a mother and daughter go into their panic room, but soon realize what the thieves need is in the panic room. Forest Whitaker is excellent in this film, and Dwight Yoakam gives a chilling performance as well. Overall, Panic Room is well directed, and thrilling.

Alex K (de) wrote: this movie is a little gory. but beautiful in its execution (no pun intended). i've watched it like a million times. its hilarious, creepy, a little disturbing but its not pointless like the hills have vomit encrusted eyes, theres hot chicks and more and more and more. its like the best movie ever. go buy it

David U (ag) wrote: Snoop is in it. It's gotta be somewhat cool, right? Wrong.

Rob H (kr) wrote: good story line as far sequels go this aint bad

Jonathan L (nl) wrote: funniest stephen chow comedy i've seen so far...

Corey B (jp) wrote: Watching it as a kid I didn't it, watching it again as a adult I am thinking to myself... Where was I when this was happening? Oh yeah I wasn't even born. Wish I was, would've had a lot of fun.

Mary O (mx) wrote: Really amazing movie, with a twist I was not expecting (which doesn't happen often for me). I think this movie would have been better, though, by removing the senseless swearing - I can understand a word here and there, but it seemed to me deliberate and forced. Excellent acting, excellent and believable court scenes, in all a good movie, in my opinion.

Peter E (ag) wrote: This is so good it hurts my eyes.

J J (fr) wrote: Set in a period of peace, a Samurai tries to stand up for justice as the local Lord demands the return of the wife of the Samurai's son, who was once a mistress to the Lord and bore him a child. The Samurai, played excellently by Mifune is pushed into a corner till he has to decide whether to obey his master, the Lord, or risk his and his family's lives by standing up the cruel injustice served upon him. Highly engaging drama as the tension builds and builds to the inevitable climax.

lucy t (nl) wrote: gene kelly is alway fun to watch

Andrew U (fr) wrote: It's highly implausible and filled with dull dialogue, but you have to admire its sleek and fresh adaptation of a typical prison break movie. Are Stallone and Schwarzenegger at their best? Hell no. But speaking of acting, it is a lot of fun seeing Jim Caviezel antagonize these heavyweights as the prison's eccentric warden. Great popcorn fun.