El Charles Bronson chileno: o idénticamente igual

El Charles Bronson chileno: o idénticamente igual


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El Charles Bronson chileno: o idénticamente igual torrent reviews

Bradley W (us) wrote: Go Goa Gone has some fun plays on the zombie genre and even a few timely pokes at Bollywood fare. Some of the humor may have been lost in translation, but most works for even the uninitiated American audience. And though the plot is every bit as cliched as the genre would suggest, it did take time to build fun and interesting characters. One problem may have been the somewhat tepid pace at which the film morphed into its most important form. It felt as though over half the movie was setup. Moreover, the sarcastic moralistic beginning gave way to a seemingly earnest moralist ending, a conclusion concocted by whoever wrote the lessons of the day at the end of Saturday morning cartoons.All told, though, it was a fun experience with solid laughs.

Luciano G (us) wrote: Avalon High is a fun updating of the Arthur legend....I think the film is good but with such significant changes made to the plot and the ending, I do not think Disney should of marketed this as a adaptation of the book....the book is way better and exciting than the movie...

Seth W (es) wrote: A fascinating movie, in which a young boy meets a mysterious girl, and falls in love, despite the fact that she isn't human.This movie keeps an eerie but slow moving pace that keeps you interested the whole time. It's two child leads are exceptional, and this movie is a rare example of a film whims horror elements does not revolve around jump scares and gore, but use phycologial thrills.

Amit G (gb) wrote: this is a skewed rating because i think some of the humor can only be understood by indians. still a good movie overall.


Alan M (de) wrote: A really twisted movie, that is so crazy it is hilarious. Ozon's masterpiece of complete insanity.

Ben W (fr) wrote: most like a french chaplin film with less real life ramification. the tramp sometimes would come into contact with those living the high life, but never spent too much time with them. the tramp was never going to become a part of that world. in this, one of the characters does. its got a few funny moments, however, but i have to admit, i fell asleep several times in the film and had to go back.

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El Charles Bronson chileno: o idénticamente igual torrent

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