El cielo, la tierra, y la lluvia

El cielo, la tierra, y la lluvia

The lives of four lonely people living through the routine and silence in the south. They meet to eat, walk through the beach, take the ferry or simply accompany each other without needing ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dog,   island,   ferry,  

The lives of four lonely people living through the routine and silence in the south. They meet to eat, walk through the beach, take the ferry or simply accompany each other without needing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


El cielo, la tierra, y la lluvia torrent reviews

Indra W (nl) wrote: Uneasy frustrating feeling, chaotic story, violent, cold and rather stupid.

Siavash (de) wrote: A beautiful story told with amazing skill and imagery. I liked it. It didn't moved me as much as Persepolis, but maybe because this one was more of a story, rather than a semi-real autobiography. But It was a good watch nevertheless.

William W (fr) wrote: Very fresh and touching

Heather M (ag) wrote: This was a fun movie. There is nothing to serious and it very easy to watch.

Paul K (fr) wrote: I don't really like Ricky Gervais. This wasn't as dire as 'The Invention of Lying'', but still very formulaic with some very crass comedy scenes scattered through a predictable plot. Saved to a certain extent by Ralph Fiennes, Emily Watson and Anne Reid who are always good value. This was the seventies, but a bit too tidy.

Nicole G (nl) wrote: Boring and horrible...could have went somewhere and made it funny....,but they didnt....

Matt B (fr) wrote: Snakes on a Plane is delightfully campy, even though it isn't as great as I thought it would be.

Sterlin R (us) wrote: A good animated movie with heart and soul, and a satisfying theme.

Danny R (es) wrote: Oliver Stone's relentlessly realistic true-life saga of Vietnam War veteran Ron Kovic, who joined the Marine Corps as a gung-ho recruit in the 1960s. During his tours in Vietnam, Kovic witnesses a fellow officer kill civilians, accidentally shoots and kills another soldier, and eventually finds himself paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of his life after being shot in the battlefield. Kovic then finds himself disillusioned by the public's treatment of veterans and is abhorred by the minimal care provided to him by the government he served for so long. This brilliant film focuses less on the horrors of war and more on the post-war horrors that our veterans were forced to go through here at home. Cruise earned his first Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, for his stunning tour-de-force turn as Kovic, which is the finest dramatic performance of his career. This film shows the painful and horrific ordeal of physical and mental rehabilitation which Kovic had to endure, before the entire dehumanizing experience transformed him into an anti-war activist. Olivier Stone won an Academy Award for his meticulous direction, he also wrote the engrossing screenplay with Ron Kovic. An exquisite original score by John Williams, with awesome cinematography by Robert Richardson, and exceptional supporting performances by Willem Dafoe, Raymond J. Barry, Carloline Kava, Krya Sedgwick, Frank Whaley, Stephen Baldwin, Tom Berenger, Michael Wincott, Wayne Knight, and Tom Sizemore. But its Tom Cruise's extraordinarily powerful heartfelt performance that totally dominates this motion picture. An unforgettable cinematic experience that is a real eye opener. Highly Recommended.

John S (au) wrote: The story is pretty interesting, the performances are fantastic (especially James Cagney who delivers and especially entertaining performance) , and the musical numbers are spectacular. The writing isn't perfect but overall, it's a good time.

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